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440cc head, new looks, updated technology, classic Cobra.

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Cobra Golf keeps the technology machine moving along with the new Cobra BiO CELL+ driver.  With a smaller footprint than recent Cobra drivers, an updated look, a new shaft, advancements in their MyFly8 technology, and their reliable E9 face, Cobra once again proves they aren’t messing around in the golf club game.  These factors will surprise many and reaffirm long-term Cobra Golf loyalists.

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Immediately noticeable in the Cobra BiO CELL+ driver is the white outline highlighting the bold colored crown with a subtle snakeskin finish.  This white outline creates an impressive contrast with the black face and sole of the club as well.  Topping off the aesthetic finishes is the WHITE Matrix Red Tie 6Q3 that comes stock in the driver.

At address, the BiO CELL+ has a smaller footprint as one would expect from a 440cc driver, and its slight pear shape is nicely highlighted by the previously mentioned white outline on the crown.  This finish seems to make it easier to settle your eye on the club and frame up the ball at address.

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Sound & Feel

Typically, my favorite part of a Cobra driver is the sound and feel.  Within two swings I can tell where a new Cobra driver stacks up with favorite Cobra models of the past and the BiO CELL+ was no exception.  My most current Cobra baselines were the Amp Cell, Amp Cell Pro, and ZL Encore.  Long story short, I really didn’t care for the feel of either Amp Cell drivers, but the ZL Encore felt great to me.  With the BiO CELL+, I felt that the club had a little more of a solid feel than the ZL Encore, but that same level of response and pop off the face that I thought was lacking in the Amp Cells.  The forged E9 face is designed to have a larger effective “Sweet Zone” that is more forgiving on mishits.  I found this to be very true in the regular BiO CELL, and I had the exact same results in the BiO CELL+.  Cobra is clearly onto something with the E9 face that has now made its way through at least four generations of Cobra drivers.

The sound of the of the BiO CELL+ driver is a little more muted than the ZL Encore but still has a nice thwack to let you know you made solid contact.  I wouldn’t quite put this driver into the quiet category, but it isn’t anywhere near painfully loud and should be desirable to most golfers.

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There’s a reason I’ve bagged Cobra drivers since the original ZL, and that’s because they not only feel great, but they certainly perform.  It doesn’t hurt that they also deliver reliable stock shafts like the Matrix Red Tie.  I was able to keep the Cobra BiO CELL+ very straight, and get more than adequate carry and total distance.  I think a large part in my success with this driver is based on my familiarity and confidence with Cobra drivers.

Additionally, the MyFly8 settings give you the ability to adjust the loft from 8.0°, 8.5°, 8.5° Draw, 9.5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw, and 11.0°.  Adjusting these settings certainly provides the expected results and gives you one of the most adjustable drivers in golf.  The use of the SmartPad on the sole is a nice added bonus because it makes sure the clubhead rests in the same position at address no matter what loft the club is set to.  This is especially beneficial when you set the driver’s loft to either end of the spectrum.

For kicks, I tried the BiO CELL+ with a Project X PXv that is a slightly stiffer flex and saw my spin drop by a mile, more roll on the ball (we’re talking 40 yards!) but with a loss of accuracy.

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Cobra drivers continue to prove that they’re more than just a flashy paint job with some youthful faces behind their marketing.  The BiO CELL+ continues the current trend of Cobra engineering finely tuned drivers that will perform with any other driver in the market and it’s definitely something you should make sure you’re looking at when you replace that old driver.

Price & Specs

The Cobra BiO CELL+ has a retail price of $399.

Shaft Options: Matrix Red Tie 6Q3 (stock), Diamana D+ 72, Project X PXv Tour 52

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  1. Hi Bill
    You were getting more spin from this over the bio cell, should be other way around?

  2. Ronan,

    As I pointed out in the Performance section, I put the Project X shaft from the BiO CELL in the BC+ and saw my spin drop a ton. It’s important to note that even though the head/face of a club will have an impact on spin, the shaft itself is going to give you the most significant changes in that category. Comparatively, it wasn’t apples to apples. I was hitting a Stiff Matrix Red Tie in the BC+ and an X-Stiff Project X PXv in the BC.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Thanks Bill
    290 carry, from 163. 6 ball speed, that is impressive!
    is this your longest carry so far?
    have you tried the bio cell pro yet?

  4. It may be my longest carry on the stuff I’ve reviewed on the site, but I have carried longer as well as shorter before in my time if that is what you are asking:) Certainly continue to have a nice carry with this clubhead though. I’ve actually been playing it with a different shaft so I wouldn’t be surprised if my carry has changed…even dropped a little.

    I have not tried the BiO CELL Pro yet. We should have one to demo from Cobra soon.

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