Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Premier 11 Putter Review

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The 2020 Huntington Beach Soft Premier 11 putter is a classic milled putter in a subtle color scheme for the player looking for high performance at an affordable price point.


In the age of the wingback putter, Cleveland Golf has created the 11s version to give golfers more of what they want – putter shapes we love at an affordable price.  Cleveland Golf continues to push the boundary with undercutting the major players in the putter market with quality gear for less.  They’ve created a market of their own in this space and they’re doing it without losing any of the premium features of the higher priced brands out there.


Gray and black always makes a statement in a club.  Less is more, right?  Cleveland kept this mantra but made some subtle changes to this line of putters.  The biggest one is the switch to an all black steel shaft.  This looks sleek and stands out among other putters that sport a typical chrome shaft.  The matte gray head and beautifully designed shape has simple, clean lines and one singular black alignment aid.

Sound & Feel

The diamond milling pattern is back and the feel is just what you’d expect from a milled putter.  It is soft off the face and has moderate weight to it.  The pistol style grip fits comfortably in the hands and makes you feel like you can put some arc in your stroke and strike it pure.


There’s nothing complicated here.  The Cleveland Golf putters perform just as good, if not better than any milled putter I have ever owned.  Strikes in the center of the face roll pure.  Distance control is easy to gauge with the feedback you get with each stroke.  It seemed to handle toe strikes really well.  Heel strikes were forgiving and the ball continued to roll on line, but I certainly felt the strike more in my hands.


If you’re a fan of the wingback shape and milled putters, the Soft Premier line from Cleveland Golf should be on your radar.   Especially if you’re financially strapped, the Cleveland Golf line of putters always delivers on price in this category.  Best value for a milled putter, hands down.

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