Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach 4 Putter Review


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With an ultra soft feel and classic blade shape, the Huntington Beach 4 putter by Cleveland Golf is a solid performer and great value.



With a great reputation founded on wedges, Cleveland Golf is likely not the first name that pops into your head when thinking about putters.  Perceptions aside, Cleveland has been making high quality flat sticks for years with a focus on delivering tremendous value.  Similar to what Bill revealed with the TFI 2135 Series, the Huntington Beach Collection is positioned to appeal to a vast majority of golfers.



The Huntington Beach 4 has a traditional Anser shape. A quick glance from the top or rear, and you’d be hard pressed to identify the brand if the back cavity was blurred out.  With a closer look, you can tell this is a cast head done very well.  The face milling reveals crisp machining – and the fact is stated on the leading edge.  The bottom is polished, providing a nice visual contrast with the satin finish of the body.  Being a vibrant blue, the grip is noteworthy mainly because it complements the beach branding.


Sound & Feel

With the deep, diamond shape face milling and 304 stainless construction, the Huntington Beach 4 may be the softest feeling, non-insert putter I’ve ever used.  The sound at impact is a muted ‘tock’.  Miss it on the heel and the sound changes to a firm ‘whack’.  Hits on the toe deliver a twist in your hands.



It must be some of the proportions that had me convinced from the start that the Huntington Beach 4 was longer heel to toe than other similar models.  That turned out to not be the case, but it does have a generous sweet spot.  With a 345 gram head weight, I was able to put a confident, flowing stroke on both long and short putts.  Cleveland Golf claims that the deep face grooves “increase friction for a truer, more consistent roll.”  Very true – my putts started tumbling end over end immediately.



With all the models of The Huntington Beach Collection priced at $99.99, Cleveland Golf clearly focused on a price point the typical golfer can work with.  The clean look of the Huntington Beach 4 will also appeal to golfers seeking a more traditional style.  Although the face is coarse enough to sharpen a spear, it delivers soft feel and consistent performance.

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  1. irving nygren

    great putter price is great i dont know why i dont see more people useing this putter

  2. irving nygren

    great putter

  3. Love the Hunting Beach #4 putter but pity the shaft material is inferior quality. My clubs sat in storage due to 3mths COVID-19 lockdown and when clear to go play again I found only the putter shaft had corroded. It was the only Cleveland club I have so it must be the shaft material as other clubs were still in perfect condition. Not a happy Australian golfer 😢 AS632503

  4. I have putted with a Ping Pal2 for the last 25 years. I bought the Cleveland Huntington soft 4 putter five months ago, however, could not commit to using it on the course and only putted with it on the practice green two or three times. Today, because my putting has been terrible the last two rounds with the Ping, I put the Cleveland in the bag for my Clubs tournament round. I had 28 putts and shot 81 with a handy cap net, 67. My Index is 14.3. I have to say, moving forward at least for now, the Cleveland putter is in the bag to stay. It just felt so smooth and I really felt a real sense that I would drain the putts. I cannot wait to play again.

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