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Two very different clubs.  Long with a hot face regardless of which option you pick.
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With the introduction of the X Hot fairway woods from Callaway in 2013, the golf world saw the return of one of the greatest fairway wood makers in golf history.  In 2014, Callaway gives us an updated version of the X Hot line in the X2 Hot and X2 Hot Pro fairway woods.  With some minor changes in appearance, and the use of the classic Warbird sole, Callaway has a hit in these two fairway woods that makes them worth checking out.
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The Callaway X2 Hot and X2 Hot Pro are only similar in name.  They both look like totally different clubs and it’s worth taking time to see not only which club performs better, but which looks better to your eye.  The X2 Hot has a deeper “conical” shape and a larger foot print.  It also has some minor graphic detail on its matte black crown.  The X2 Hot Pro fairway wood has a more traditional pear shape and a smaller foot print with no markings on its matte black crown.

The paint scheme is updated to a slick black, orange and white from last year’s grey, red, and white.  It’s a nice bit of flash that may have been lacking from the previous generation.
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Sound & Feel

As expected, the Callaway X2 Hot and X2 Hot Pro sound and feel totally different from each other.  The X2 Hot has more of an explosive sound off the face that is going to be more reassuring to the average golfer.  The X2 Hot Pro has more of a traditional muted thwack that the lower handicap players are looking for.

One of the biggest requirements for any amateur golfer in a fairway wood is forgiveness across the entire face so they don’t suffer that stinging feeling on mishits.  Fortunately, the X2 Hot fairway food has one of the most forgiving faces I have ever seen in a fairway wood.  It’s a very comfortable club to hit in a variety of situations on the course.  The X2 Hot Pro has less forgiveness, but far more responsiveness which makes it a lot easier to manipulate your shot if your game is up to the task.
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There’s a common theme around here when we’re hitting a golf club on a monitor: you shouldn’t enter a session with any expectations because you’ll frequently be wrong.  When I hit the the X2 Hot fairway wood, I thought it would certainly be easier to hit and potentially sacrifice distance for control.  In reality, despite lower club and ball speed, the X2 Hot was longer than the X2 Hot Pro.  In the event I was looking for a long bombing 3 wood, I would have been stupid not to go with the regular X2 Hot fairway wood.

Ultimately, though I hit the X2 Hot Pro a bit shorter, I would still prefer this club in my bag.  It was easier for me to control the shots and had better balance for me throughout the swing.  My distance was adequate, and being comfortable is ultimately the most important part of selecting a golf club.  A large portion of the difference between these two clubs’ performance traces back to the shaft.  I seem to have a strong preference for the Aldila Tour Green shaft that comes stock in the X2 Hot Pro, but the Aldila Tour Blue is going to be a nice reassuring and smooth shaft for most amateur golfers.
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If you passed on checking out the original Callaway X Hot fairway woods, you’re lucky that there’s a second chance to checkout the new X2 Hot fairway wood line.  Both are going to fit the needs for different golfer, but either one is going to be a solid pick and give you good performance on the links.  Just make sure you really give them both a good test and play the option that best suits your golfing needs.

Price & Specs

The Callaway X2 Hot and X2 Hot Pro Fairway Woods retail for $230.

The stock shaft on the X2 Hot is the Aldila Tour Blue.  The X2 Hot Pro comes with the Aldila Tour Green.

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  1. Hi Bill
    i assume you are getting the distance gain in the standard version due to low spin(1900)?
    so for your swing, the Aldila Tour Blue is giving you approx 700 less spin?

  2. Joe Van Meter

    What is the loft of the X2Hot #3 fairway wood?

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