Callaway Rogue Hybrid Review

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The Callaway Rogue hybrid brings Jailbreak Technology to hybrids.  Conventional looks.  Massive distance.


Earlier this year, I got the chance to find out what happens when Callaway puts their Jailbreak Technology in a fairway wood.  The results were amazing, and the Rogue fairway wood ended up in my bag for 2018.  This left me eager to see if Jailbreak could add that same kind of ball speed to a hybrid.


The Rogue hybrid is conventional looking for a modern hybrid.  The size is average, and it gets larger toward the toe.  There is a white chevron alignment aid and a raised ridge near the front of the black crown.

Sound & Feel

If you only heard the impact sound, you might mistake the Rogue hybrid for a fairway wood.  It produces a quiet, metallic “tink” at impact.

My one complaint is that there isn’t a lot of feedback from the Rogue hybrid.  The sound changes slightly, and there’s a small difference in the feel, but you need to really pay attention to locate your mishits.


I just stated that, based on sound, you could mistake the Callaway Rogue hybrid for a fairway wood.  I’ll add that you could also make that mistake if you were looking at the launch monitor results.

The ball speeds that the Rogue hybrid produces are huge.  My smash factor was routinely north of 1.45 and often hit a “perfect” 1.5.  Couple those ball speeds with mid-launch and fairly low spin and you have the recipe for eagle putts on par 5s.

It should be noted that mid-launch and low spin are best if you’re looking for a club to replace a fairway wood.  If you want a hybrid to replace an iron, the Rogue may not be your best choice because it will have difficulty holding greens.  That said, if you’re a high spin player, it could work very well.


For golfers that want to hit their hybrids a long way, you’ll have a hard time doing better than the Callaway Rogue hybrid.  Whether you’re replacing a fairway wood or just adding another bomber to the bag, this club will do the trick.  Players who want to replace their irons will need to use extra care when having this club fit.

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Callaway Rogue Hybrid Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Matt,

    I’m debating a low lofted hybrid or 5 wood in the Rogue line. Would the 17 or 19 come closest to a 5 wood? I’m leaning 5 wood because of the heavier shaft, but keeping options open. Thanks.

    • Matt Saternus


      Whether the 17 or 19 degree hybrid will be closer to the 5W will depend on your swing. You may get more distance from the 19 if you need more launch. Best to work with a fitter to find the best option.



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