Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood Review

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The Callaway Rogue fairway wood is unfairly good.  Huge ball speed, low spin, and easy to launch.  An absolute must try.


Last year, Callaway introduced Jailbreak technology in it’s Epic drivers.  For 2018, they brought the same advancements to their Rogue fairway woods.  What does that mean for golfers?  More ball speed and more distance from more places.


The Callaway Rogue is a great looking fairway wood.  By modern standards, it’s average sized with a nearly symmetrical, round shape.  The carbon fiber shows through near the back of the crown, but your attention is focused on the ball by the chevron alignment aid.  The face is slightly taller than average, which is great for your confidence when hitting it off the tee.

As I wrote about the Rogue drivers, the overall aesthetics of this club are dynamite.  From the color to the branding to the unique Golf Pride MCC grip, Callaway shows an attention to detail that’s beyond any other OEM right now.

Sound & Feel

The impact sound of the Callaway Rogue is its least remarkable feature.  The volume is average, it has a medium pitch, and it possesses that prototypical metallic “tink.”

When it comes to feel, the Rogue fairway wood has a lot in common with the Rogue driver: almost every shot feels flushed.  The exception is the shot low on the face – that’s easy to discern – but moving toward the heel or toe changes the feel only slightly.


It took two swings for me to realize that the Callaway Rogue fairway wood is special.  The first shot was well struck, and I saw a ball speed number I haven’t seen in a while.  I was happy but thought it was just a good first swing.  When the second ball went 3 MPH faster, I was hooked.  When you hit the center of the face, the Rogue FW is essentially a driver.  What’s better is that when you move to the heel or toe, the ball speed stays extremely high.

This ball speed is put to excellent use with high launch and mid-to-low spin.  When I hit a shot pure, I was seeing launch angles as high as 13 degrees (a rarity for me) with driver-like spin numbers.  On those shots off the bottom groove, the ball was still launching near 10 degrees with spin around 3000.

For those that don’t speak launch monitor, let me put this plainly.  When I made good contact, the Rogue fairway wood was sending shots nearly as far as my driver.  The stock Rogue roasted my (now former) gamer, which has a very expensive custom shaft.  Just as impressive?  It took my thin shots and produced 200+ yards of carry instead of the duds I deserved.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Callaway is once again providing an industry-leading number of fitting options.  There are four shaft options with weights ranging from 40 grams to 80 grams.  Additionally, there are 8 lofts available, so you can bag everything from a precision pin-seeker to a miniature driver.


The last few times I’ve visited Club Champion and asked what’s been selling, the answer has been “Rogue fairway woods.”  Now I know why.  Callaway has built a fairway wood that produces insane ball speed, tremendous launch conditions, and is extremely forgiving.  This is an early front runner for the most impressive club of 2018.

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Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood Price & Specs

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  1. Heard nothing but amazing reviews on this club. Will definitely demo soon as snow melts here. Nice review

  2. Are you going to do a Rogue Sub Zero fairway review as well? Also did you have the club in the 3 wood? Thanks for the reviews as always

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, that will be up next week. And yes, we tested the 3W. Unless otherwise noted, we always test fairway woods in 15*.



      • John Bartles

        Matt you have helped me before and hope you can again. I am a senior golfer in need of a fairwood 5 wood in senior flex. Comparing the Adams 5W tight lie to the Callaway Rogue 5W. Appears both 19 degree and same price. Would like yours thoughts. Thanks

  3. I have the Rogue Fairways in 4, 5, 7 wd, all with the GD YS-6 Nano Shaft (no upcharge). Initially purchased the 4 wd – the sound may be a metallic tink, but the feel is solid and powerful. My issue is that at 89 mph, I was only getting 2600 of spin in a 17 deg 4 wd and needed more launch/higher flight. I had a GD AD Tour F 55g sitting at home, and reshafted. Initial results are a higher flight with better spin. With the 5 and 7 wds, the YS-6 Nano is fine.

    The 4 wd off the tee is long – outdrove a few playing partners with driver. They are powerful fairways with forgiveness. I kept a Steelhead XR 7 wd for courses where the rough is deeper or more trouble exists – the cambered sole is helpful whereas the Rogue design of the sole is similar to the XR16. To me, that means great off the fairway and light rough for the Rogue. Great fairways, the Rogue – put ’em in your bag for an unfair advantage.

  4. Matt,
    Are your numbers off the deck or from a short tee? Sounds like the launch was more than adequate with the 15*, but as a normally low launch guy, do you find the 4w intriguing?

    • Matt Saternus


      My numbers are always off the deck.
      The launch is a big part of why I was so excited about the Rogue FW. I do have half a thought about the 4W, but I think the 3W is in the bag.



  5. Stephen C Schmelz

    I played one round with my new Rogue 3 wood and it is great. I toed a tee shot and still traveled about 210. I almost drove a downhill Par 4, when I nutted it. My home course is very tight and I use it to tee off on many of the holes. I haven’t really tried to hit it off the turf and will try to get some practice with it, to see how it does.

  6. kenny willaims

    Matt can you tell me what shaft you used when testing? Thanks.

  7. Poor quality experienced for Rouge 3 Wood. Less than 50 balls hit with it when the head came clean off the shaft. 3 months later a crack was discovered on the face. Club less than 6 months old.

  8. Brad Shepard

    How do these stop? Almost all the comments have been about high ball speed, low spin. As a player who uses his 3 wood to attack par 5s, i’m more looking for stopping power on the green. Do these land and stop?

    • Matt Saternus


      It depends on how you launch a FW and the shaft you put in it. You may be able to play a 4W or 5W and get the same distance as you’re getting from your current 3W, with similar stopping power. As always, it’s all about getting fit into what works best for you.


  9. Just like the other commenter, the head of my 3W came off at the driving range. Owned the club for 37 days and probably hit less than 30 shots with it. Now I’m down a wood for three weeks because it has to go back to Calloway.

  10. Steve Smullins

    Which do you prefer between the Rogue and the sub zero?

    #Secret giveaway.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m already low spin and I want all the forgiveness I can get, so the standard Rogue is for me.



  11. I am about to purchase the Rogue 3 wood and was just wondering what shaft should I pair it up with. I am an average golfer probably around a 18-20 handicap. My typical 3 wood has a fairly high launch angle. Any advice?

    • Matt Saternus


      My best advice is to get a fitting or at least try all your options. There’s no one who can give you a credible recommendation without seeing you hit the clubs in person.



  12. do you think its a big enough upgrade to switch from callaway xr 2015 model?

    • Matt Saternus


      For me, absolutely. That said, I always recommend testing your current clubs against whatever you’re thinking about buying to make sure there’s a performance difference.



  13. Chicago Duffer

    Hi Matt: Another great review. I have been using the Callaway BB Fusion 3W and 5W, and like them a lot. As Bill Bush said in his October 2016 review, they are easy to hit, very forgiving and long enough. As my game is improving slowly, however, I am thinking of getting a 4W instead of carrying two fairway woods to add a wedge, but Callaway didn’t make a 4W for the BB Fusion line.

    I am thinking of trying out a Rogue 4W with the Aldila Synergy 60 shaft (which appears to be most similar to the UST Recoil ES 450 shaft in the Fusion woods) that a friend has. Before he ships it to me, I am doing homework on my own rather than visiting my fitter. As I got fitted at CC last winter for the driver, putter and irons/wedges for good money, I can’t justify spending more 6 months later.

    How would you rate the Rogue’s forgiveness and distance in comparison to the Fusion wood?

    FYI, my swing speed for the driver is around 93, the smash factor about 1.48 , the spin rate about 3,000 and 230 carry (Trackman). The CBB Fusion 5w goes about 185-195 carry, 205-215 total and 4,500 RPM.

    Many thanks.

    • Matt Saternus

      I think the Rogue is exceptional in terms of forgiveness relative to ball speed. I didn’t test the BB Fusion, so I can’t compare with regard to stability and elevating thin shots or the spin numbers.
      Overall, I think the Rogue is awesome and with the right shaft, I can’t see many players being unhappy with it.



  14. Duane Bausman

    Nice information, but the guts are missing.
    What shaft did you use, what is your swing speed and how did the other shafts perform?
    Sorry, but performance is highly dictated by the shaft and the player’s swing speed.

    • Matt Saternus


      Did you look at the launch monitor graphic?


    • Duane,

      Matt used the EvenFlow shaft based on one of his other replies. It does not appear that he tested this club with any other shaft for comparison, but I could be wrong. I think that was what you were looking for.

  15. Robert Delarue

    Hello Matt , I’ve heard the 3 wood strong was designed for better results off the tee . Is there a reason for that and should I switch if I never hit a driver . Thanks so much , Robert

    • Matt Saternus


      I don’t think abandoning the driver is a good idea. The Rogue 3W is great, but the MOI of a driver is much higher so it’s much more forgiving.



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