Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedge Review

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The Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedge is a spin machine.  Much more than a one trick pony.  Great looks with huge customization potential.


In every facet of the game, Callaway offers golfers as many or more choices than other OEMs.  That extends to the short game where the new JAWS Full Toe wedge joins three other current wedge models.  In this review, I’ll explain where the JAWS Full Toe fits into Callaway’s line up and how it might fit into your bag.

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The Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedge takes a balanced approach to the high toe design.  While the toe is clearly taller than a traditional wedge, the overall look isn’t exaggerated or cartoonish.  The face is slightly larger than a typical wedge with a slightly rounded leading edge and a big, round toe.  Also noticeable at address is the raw face, something new for Callaway.

What I really love about the JAWS Full Toe is the look in the bag.  The mill marks look fantastic, and Callaway’s signature weight ports always look cool.  This wedge comes in two finishes: Raw Black and Chrome.

The JAWS Full Toe wedge is also part of the Callaway Customs program.  This allows you to customize your wedges to an insane degree.  Each part of the wedge – right down to Roger Cleveland’s *R* on the hosel – can get a different color of paint fill, and you can get initials and/or symbols stamped in a variety of styles.  This comes with a price – $20 for the paint, $15-$25 for the stamping – but you’ll end up with something totally unique.

Sound & Feel

When a premium golf ball meets the raw face of the JAWS Full Toe wedge, the result is wonderful.  The feel is medium-soft on center, and the sound is a quiet “clack.”  You will notice that the impact sound gets a bit louder on full swings, but the feel remains soft and pleasant.

Feedback on strike quality comes primarily through the hands.  The sound of impact doesn’t change a great deal from pure strikes to misses, but I was able to locate impact by feel.  This is a well-mannered club that will let you feel the miss without stinging your hands.


As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous wedges in Callaway’s current line.  This could lead to confusion, but Callaway continues to lead the industry when it comes to providing golfers with useful information.  For their three newest wedges, the JAWS Full Toe, JAWS MD5 [review HERE] and Mack Daddy CB [review HERE], they’ve created a comparison chart [find it HERE].  My key takeaways are that the JAWS Full Toe offers the most spin of the three, but it lacks grind options.

The elite levels of spin were seen immediately in my launch monitor testing.  Callaway creates this spin with offset groove-in-groove technology, full face JAWS grooves, and a raw face.  What impressed me more than the top end spin is the consistency.  If I were looking only at the spin numbers on my launch monitor, it would be nearly impossible to tell my pure strikes from thin or off-center shots.

High toe wedges are nothing new, but too often they are built just for the high spin flop shot.  Callaway aims to make the JAWS Full Toe more versatile by offering a do-it-all C-Grind and raising the center of gravity to create a more controlled trajectory.

Based on my testing, I would have no problem using the JAWS Full Toe as my only wedge.  Full and 3/4 shots came out on strong trajectories with predictable spin.  Because the high toe shape is not overdone, I felt comfortable standing over “regular” shots, but the higher toe did provide a little extra confidence for those open-face pitches.  The C-Grind is a good middle ground that allows for creativity while also providing some insurance against digging.


If you’ve been eyeing a high toe wedge but held off because of a perceived lack of versatility, it’s time to give one a try.  The Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedge does everything that a high toe wedge is supposed to while also providing strong performance in the basic areas like chips and half shots.

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Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Thanks for your review. I just ordered a couple of edison wedges. How do they compare in terms of forgiveness and spin? Thanks

    • Matt Saternus


      The JAWS Full Toe is not a forgiving wedge; the Edison allows a decent amount of room for mishits. In terms of spin, both are excellent.


  2. How would u compare this wedge (or this family of wedges) to the Fourteen wedges? Spin, feel, versatility, etc?

  3. How does the Callaway Full Toe wedge compare to the Cleveland CBX Full Face wedge and the Taylormade Bigfoot Hi Toe wedge?

  4. This is a FANTASTIC wedge.

    On 1/2-3/4 wedge shots I like to play it square and delofted with the ball way back in my stance- nice trappy low lads. Most wedges I see nowadays have that rounded, bowed out leading edge, which for me means skull city!! I love the straighter bottom on this face that allows me to do that, and you nailed it in describing the shape as the perfect middle ground between traditional and “cartoonish” high toes like Taylormade and Callaway’s older full toe.

    The way it is weighted really gives me confidence in “cut” pitch shots b/c you have so much room on the outside of the face to work with. It’s also great off tight lies with the handle more vertical, the toe really is your friend and spins and performs very consistently. Usually with the handle up and heel off the ground I don’t get much check but these blokes still nip.

    Top tier

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