Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

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Cleveland CBX Full-Face is the newest addition to the company’s well-rounded stable of wedges.  Designed specifically to get golfers out of tough spots around the green.

Check out the new CBX Full-Face 2 wedge HERE


Not all wedges are created equal and with the Cleveland CBX Full-Face, that is evident from the very first look.  With a higher toe than normal and grooves that cover the entire face, the look can be a bit jarring at first.  But is the unusual look worth the trade-off when it comes to performance?  Find out in this review.


The unique looks are the first thing you notice about the Cleveland CBX Full-Face.  The toe is noticeably higher than your average wedge, and the grooves extend all the way from heel to toe.  The blade length appears a bit longer than most.  It’s definitely unusual at first but in my experience, you get used to it.

The other aspect of the club that stands out is the color.  The club head is a dark gray, almost graphite color that minimizes glare and looks really sharp in the bag and at address.  Overall, this is a very handsome looking club.

Sound & Feel

The sound and feel are reminiscent of what I experienced when I tested the Cleveland CBX 2.  The ‘tock’ sound at impact is in the lower register but by no means dull.  There is plenty of feedback on quality of strike. 

If you open the face and catch the ball off the toe, you can feel a solid strike thanks to the club’s half cavity design that has a cavity near the heel and a solid muscle back on the toe side of the sole.


The CBX Full-Face is designed for a specific purpose, and that is evident in the fact that the lowest loft available is 56°.  I found the club to work wonders when I put myself in tough situations.  From bunkers, from short-sided lies in both rough and short grass, and from 40 yards and in with not much green to work with, I got consistent performance that left me feeling like I was getting up and down with more regularity than I was previously used to.

Just to test it out, I gave myself a few straightforward shots from a clean lie in the fairway.  While it absolutely does the job, the way the grooves cover the entire face wasn’t ideal for me when it comes to alignment and confidence on full swings.

One of the most fun parts about golf for me is getting creative around the greens.  It’s visualizing the launch angle, trajectory, and roll out of these shots, and playing them with less than a full swing.  In the art vs. science camp, you can count me as a full-on artiste.  I found that with the higher lofted wedges, this club gave me a higher level of confidence and more consistent results on a variety of creative wedge shots.


I like continuity at address.  I never thought I would have a set of wedges that doesn’t match, but after spending some time with the Cleveland CBX Full-Face, it’s going in the bag as replacement for my “traditional” lob wedge.  The confidence it gives me to get creative around the greens is a welcome surprise, and I can honestly say I no longer dread missed greens the way I did before.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Tom Duckworth

    I must say they did a more graceful job with the high toe design than some other companies.
    I didn’t see where you said much about bounce options are they all 10? Do you feel like the full face grooves really made a difference did you see strikes up high on the face?
    These are the first of this type of wedge that looked “good” to me I could see one in my bag as lob wedge. Good review.

    • Hey Tom,

      I agree with your assessment. Each loft has 10 degrees of bounce. I do feel that the ‘full face’ design of the grooves helps with shots struck higher on the face or more towards the toe. I think it’s a great feeling wedge, too, and encourage you to test one out if you have the opportunity.

  2. How did it perform on open faced shots? Did the leading edge stay low to the turf on tight lies?

    • Matt Saternus

      Per Dylan: I was impressed with its performance on flop shots with the face open. Because of local conditions, I’ve yet to play it off of turf in truly tight, firm conditions but I’m confident it would perform well.

  3. Jeff Tollefsen

    I was confused by your statement “The CBX Full-Face is designed for a specific purpose, and that is evident in the fact that the lowest loft available is 56°.” Yet in the description, it shows lofts up to 64. Was it only the 56 that you tried?

    • Hi Jeff,

      I tested the 60 and 64 degree versions. I meant to indicate that since it’s designed for higher lofted shots mostly played from around the green, there is no 50, 52, or 54 degree version offered like you would likely see in other wedges.


  4. I recently picked up a CBX 58deg and love it. While not full face, I love how it works in those times around the greens and bunkers. I can see where full face technology would help grab the ball better when slightly toed or heeled. I do like their subtly stated hi-toe as compared to other’s.

  5. I currently play the PM grind wedge with a big tow. Have you hit these? How do they compare. This wedge looks good.

    • Hi Tim,

      I haven’t hit the PM grind so I really can’t comment on performance. Visually, though, I find the CBX Full-Face to have a more traditional look that I find appealing. I’d encourage you to get this one in your hands and see how it looks and feels to you.


  6. Charles Johnson

    How does the Full Face wedge compare to the CBX2 in the same loft. Is there a real difference?



    • PIG Staff

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your comment, it is a good question. For me, there are a few key differences between the two. Obviously the grooves cover the entire face and the toe is noticeably higher on the Full-Face. The “cavity” portion in the back is also solid in the toe portion and hollow towards the heel which provides more stability on those open face flop-type shots. All of these things add up to encourage you to open up the Full-Face and use it to get the ball in the air quickly and offers great forgiveness if you end up missing the center of the face in doing so.


  7. Kyle Armstrong

    Can you describe how the 56 performed on full swing shots? Does it handle aggressive full swings without ‘sliding under’ the ball and leaving you short right, as with a full swing 60 degree??

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for the question. I didn’t test the 56 degree so I can’t comment on that. I also didn’t have the experience you referred to with the 60 degree version. What I would say is that, for me, something like the CBX 2 (my review here: is probably better suited to “aggressive full swings” while the Full-Face is more geared towards delicate, creative less-than-full swings. Hope that helps.


  8. I am in complete agreement with your review.

    I’ve been playing the CBX and CBX2 wedges for the last couple seasons with excellent success. However, I replaced my regular CBX2 lob wedge with the Full Face model and have had absolutely fabulous results with it.

    It is incredibly forgiving in all aspects of my short game and with great versatility around the green. I feel confident using it with full swings and abbreviated swing approach shots with both high and low trajectories. I trust it with delicate chips, short and long bunker shots, open face, tight lies and full flop shots. I can get the ball to run out with bump and runs and also stop and drop shots. It has also been more than solid out of heavy rough, and I’ve noticed it keeps the ball going towards the target with greater consistency when I hit it closer to the toe and higher on the face – which is often where I find other wedges lose their pop.

    I can’t stand looking at most hi-toe models from other manufacturers, but this one looks great, and I’ve completely acclimated to the full face grooves at address. I’ve had about 20 rounds with it and the dark finish is holding up with just some slight lightening on the center of the face where most of my shots make contact. There’s absolutely no glare on full sun days.

    I’m yet to find a better lob wedge and can’t find a weakness in this club. I can’t imagine any club replacing it. I play to a sub scratch (+) handicap and this club is certainly helping me retain those low scores.

    • Dylan Thaemert

      Thanks for your comment, Jay. Though you won’t see me shooting any rounds in the 60s, I don’t see this club leaving my bag anytime soon.


  9. How do these compare to model cpx full face wedges, mainly in comparison of playability and forgiveness?

  10. Sorry, How do these compare to Wilson Staff ht wedges, mainly in comparison of playability and forgiveness?

  11. David Lessells

    Don’t seem to be available in the uk any idea of a uk release date

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately I can’t speak to that. These have been out in the US for a while, so I’m surprised that you can’t find them in the UK.



  12. Just a follow up on my original posting form June. I have had a full summer playing this club about 5-6 times/week, and I’m still finding new ways to make this club sing from different lies and varying club/ball positions. Truly, this club has continued to perform for me, and I’ve already ordered backups just in case Cleveland decides to discontinue manufacturing it in the near future. I can only wonder what it would be like to have some of these in the sand wedge and gap wedge lofts – even in a PW loft – let me know when you need testers for them. I’d be all in on that trial. Aside from my putter, it’s a tie between this Full-Face and my driver as second most utilized club in the bag. Just when you think they can’t possibly do anything else with a wedge, they come up with this gem. However, I tend to rotate putters regularly throughout the week (it’s a psycho in the head thing), and I have three different drivers in the rota too. All of my other wedges have taken the summer off – this

  13. (Continued) Is the most innovative club of the year in my world.


  14. Is this available to purchase anywhere in Ireland or the UK?

  15. Michael Romaner

    Friends, can you share any insights about the differences between this wedge and the RTX full face. I lean toward the RTX, which also gets good reviews, because I can get the RTX in 54 loft. I want to carry 54 and 58 wedges in my bag.

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