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Callaway Epic Flash Driver Review

50 Words or Less

The Callaway Epic Flash driver is at the leading edge for forgiveness.  Great look.  Easy to use, meaningful adjustability.


In a year of interesting driver stories, there may not be a more compelling one than that of the Epic Flash.  This driver has a new face design – Flash Face – which Callaway created using super computers, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.  With these new techniques, simulations that used to take weeks now take days or hours, allowing Callaway to try hundreds or thousands more designs before settling on the best one.  I was very excited to test one to see how all this computing power translated to the course.


I’ve noted in the past couple years that Callaway has put out clubs with the best headcover-to-grip aesthetics, and the Epic Flash is no exception.  Your hands will grip a Golf Pride MCC Align in a new-for-2019 green.  Your eyes will travel down to a crown with thin stripes of green and gold on a black carbon fiber backdrop.  And, though my Bears fandom doesn’t love the colors, I have to applaud the bold design of the head cover.

Moving on to the shape, the Epic Flash is a compromise between the playerific Epic and the high MOI Rogue.  The Epic Flash is neither round and compact nor stretched and triangular.  Callaway’s carbon-to-black transition in the crown makes it appear smaller as does arc behind the chevron alignment aid.

Sound & Feel

When the golf ball meets the Flash Face, you’ll hear a crack that falls right in the middle of the sound spectrum.  It’s not a hollow sound, but it’s not wooden-bat-solid either.  The volume and pitch are neither too high nor too low.  All that to say, the Epic Flash sounds good.  It sounds fast and explosive without making you reach for earplugs.

What surprised me, given how stable the head feels, was the amount of feedback.  There’s good audio feedback and plenty through the hands.  From the first session, I was able to locate impact precisely and get my swing dialed in.


Callaway has a trio of technologies at work to make the Epic Flash long, even when your swing is wrong.  The new one is Flash Face, the club face designed by AI.  That’s combined with Jailbreak and a lighter carbon fiber in the crown which gives Callaway more discretionary weighting.

Since it’s winter in Chicago and my game, especially the driver swing, is rusty, I was able to put the forgiveness of the Epic Flash to a stringent test.  The Epic Flash was impressive.  This is the first driver that is the unquestioned peer of my gamer when it comes to retaining ball speed on mishits.  It also keeps spin rates stable which translates to consistent, long carry distances.

After a year off with Rogue, Adjustable Perimeter Weighting has returned to Callaway’s drivers.  The 16 gram slider is both easy to understand and easy to use.  Slide it toward the word “Draw” and the club becomes more draw biased.  The results of sliding the weight are noticeable.  For me, putting the weight in the toe kept my worst hooks on the planet and produced a soft fade when I made a good swing.

More adjustability is available at the hosel with the Opti-Fit adapter.  You can reduce loft by 1 degree or add 1 or 2 degrees.  The lie angle can also be made more upright.

Finally, Callaway is offering an array of premium shafts with the Epic Flash.  The Project X HZRDUS Smoke is the lowest launching, the new Tensei AV is the mid-launch profile, and the EvenFlow Green provides a lighter, higher launching option.


The Callaway Epic Flash is the first 2019 driver that we’ve reviewed, and it has set the bar extremely high.  It’s hard to find fault with it.  It looks and sounds good.  The adjustability is simple and impactful.  Most important, it produces great ball speed and long drives on both pure strikes and mishits.

Callaway Epic Flash Driver Price & Specs

Matt Saternus
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  1. How did this compare to TS3,? If I recall, I believe you were impressed with it as well?

    • Matt Saternus


      The TS3 is a big jump forward for Titleist, no doubt. That said, I’d take the Epic Flash over it for forgiveness.



  2. Matt, hi, what are your thoughts in this vs the PXG offerings?? Thanks.

  3. Hi Matt,

    Have you compared to the Cobra F9? I hit both and felt the Cobra felt and sounded better.



    • Matt Saternus


      I hit the F9 just a few times. For whatever reason, I’ve just never gotten along that well with Cobra drivers in the last several years.



  4. Gerry Lapalme

    Hi Matt,
    Could you tell me what launch monitor you are using for testing ?
    thanks, Gerry.

  5. Is this driver suitable for a 75 year old male with slower swing?

  6. What is your current gamer you referred to?

  7. Yes! But! I seen a lot of reviews on the web…but I doubt the forgiveness. When compared to other 2019 it appears to be the least straight. I’m callaway through and through…but, all reviews together, as an average don’t lie!

  8. Have hit the M6 and if so, what are your thoughts.

  9. Thanks for the great work Matt. Have you hit the Flask Sub Zero, and if so how were your impressions compared to the regular Flash?

  10. I iked the look and feel of the Flash but when I tried it out on the course it’s no better than my Epic .

  11. Which do you prefer the epic flash or ts2? Which do you think a mid-high 90s SS would get the most out of between those two clubs

    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer the Epic Flash. I would recommend that anyone who wants to get the most out of their drives should get a fitting.



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  14. James Morris

    Flash vs Epic? mainly wondering about forgiveness differences in your opinion.

    • Matt Saternus


      The Epic Flash is much more forgiving.



    • The epic to me was very loud and sounded very tinny. Compared to the original epic no difference. The f9 was 5 yards longer for me way more forgiving. And straighter. The f9 is a great driver. I believe cobra has finally goat a great driver here

  15. How does it compare to the Rogue?

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  17. Carcharodon

    Is the MCA Tensei Blue shaft the real deal or one made for Callaway? You said the one on the Tour Edge EXS seems like the real deal shaft.

    • Matt Saternus


      It felt good during my testing, but I didn’t run it head to head against a known aftermarket version. Ultimately, if it works well for you, it doesn’t really matter. Test it out, get a fitting, the usual. :)


  18. How does the Epic Flash compare to the XR 16 Pro in terms of ball speed, distance and forgiveness?


    • Matt Saternus


      Distance will depend on fit, but I found the Epic Flash to be more forgiving and more impressive in terms of ball speed.



  19. So, knowing your current gamer, what factors made you choose it over the Epic Flash? These are the two I’m trying to decide between at the moment. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      I could have been very happy gaming the Epic Flash, it was a very close second. Ultimately, I’ve been gaming PING drivers for a while, and I’m comfortable with the look. Driver is one club I don’t like to change a lot because it’s not always a strength, so unless something is a lot better, I tend to stick with what works.



  20. Hi, I have a Callaway Epic Flash driver with a Even Flow Regular Flex shaft 5.5 55g
    Do Even Flow have a 45g and 65g shaft?

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  22. Kristine M Bermudes

    Great article

    I’ve always had an issue with the Epic chevron being towards the heel of the club. Tried using a friend’s and cannot get along with it being so heel side.

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