Mizuno ST190 Driver Review

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The Mizuno ST190 driver has been a major breakthrough in terms of sales and Tour prescence.  Solid all around performer.


Both of Mizuno’s last generation of drivers – the GT180 and ST180 – were solid performers, but good luck finding them on Tour or in the bags of recreational players.  The new ST190 driver is a different story.  With an early season PGA Tour win under its belt, it’s performing better at retail than any Mizuno driver in recent memory.  We tested it to find out why.


Let’s start with the most obvious change: Mizuno has finally ditched the blue crown.  While the blue never bothered me, a number of fitters told me that the move to a black crown is the single biggest factor in the early success of the ST190.  The crown of the ST190 looks similar to the Callaway Epic Flash drivers with solid black near the ball and carbon fiber behind that.

The ST190 driver is average in size from front to back.  Its shape does favor the heel slightly, a reverse pear shape, but the alignment aid is centered.

On the sole, Mizuno keeps things minimal.  There’s a lot of black with touches of silver in the branding.  The one eye-catching feature is the Wave Technology that runs from heel to toe along the front edge.

Sound & Feel

Mizuno matched the understated look with an understated impact sound.  Contact is quiet, and there’s little hint of whether you hit it flush or missed it.

True to their reputation, Mizuno made impact feel great with the ST190 driver.  Hitting it in the center feels very solid.  When you miss, you get ample feedback through your hands, but you don’t suffer a stinging or hollow feel.


If you’re looking for fancy features or cool names, you’re in the wrong place.  The story here is simple: the Mizuno ST190 driver is a solid workhorse.

This is a mid launch, mid spin driver that – with the right shaft – will work well for the majority of golfers.  It has above average forgiveness.  I jumped right into my testing and was carrying most shots within a 7 yard range.  Ball speed, launch, and spin were robust on all but the worst mishits.

For players seeking the ability to fine tune their driver, Mizuno offers the ST190G driver.  For an additional $100, you get two sliding weights.  Mizuno claims that adjusting these weights can affect both spin and draw or fade bias.


While it doesn’t have any particular standout features, the Mizuno ST190 driver is a solid performer.  The looks have been toned down to suit a broader audience, and, given the reasonable price, I expect to see it in a lot of golfer’s bags this year.

Mizuno ST190 Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Corbyn Gallagher

    Would love to get my hands on this to test it out.

  2. The length of shaft is 45 inches, not 45.5. Mizuno dont believe in trying to add distance at the cost of playability like so many other brands.

  3. Lars Ertmann

    The Mizuno st 190 is 45 “

  4. Would like to demo Mizuno Driver. If as good as Taylormade and Callaway it is a better buy .

  5. Good review, Matt. I’ve had, and been playing, my Mizuno ST190 for about a month. I was fit for it and the shaft by a Mizuno rep. Distance is 5-7 yards longer than my Ping G30 that it replaced. I’m also much more consistent with my ST190. I can tell when I’ve pured it, but mishits don’t feel harsh. I absolutely love this driver.

  6. How does it compare with the ST180 other than color.

  7. I got it Matt, yet the 180 according to your review is longer, 1 yd less accurate and although the spin is much greater in the 180 still goes Rabbit on the ground. The biggest thing to me appears to be the the color and if it was Black it would have been much better. And of course Mizuno never has been a player in the Woods, just the Irons. I like the 180 in my Bag because it and the other Woods are all easy to hit straight and long enough.

    have a great summer

  8. Hi, unable to get a fitting (trying to save$$), and have found this driver as well as the Rogue and M2 all in the below $200 price range. Leaning toward the G version of this driver. Question: performance wise, am I missing out by not going with the other two (distance, forgiveness, etc)? Love Mizuno, but they seem to be known more for their irons.

    Thanks. Always enjoy your reviews. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Matt Saternus


      With the caveats that A) it’s been a little while since I’ve hit the clubs you mention and B) it all comes down to how the club interacts with the individual, I would opt for the Rogue as for most forgiving and longest.



  9. Danny Hartline

    is the 190 mizuno driver a 460 head

  10. My swing speed is about 109. I love everything Mizuno. So tempted to get this with the stiff shaft. Hesitant because I’d like to test it first. At the $188 price all in, should I take the chance?

    • Matt Saternus


      I never recommend buying gear without testing it or being fit. That said, $188 means different things to different people, and some people just like buying gear to try it. There’s no real right or wrong answer here, only the right answer for you, but if you’re looking for me to push you over the edge, sorry, not going to do it. :)



  11. what does the 3UP setting do ?

  12. Yes No Wheel

    I’m glad to see that the Mizuno ST190 driver is getting good reviews. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  13. I have a Mizuno ST190 3-wood that hits solid and straight. I use it off the tee on par 4’s & 5’s, hitting 80% of the fairways. I have also lowered my handicap from a 9 to a 6 using this wonderful golf club. (I can also hit it off the
    fairway when I need to.) It has the best feel of any 3-wood that I have ever had. It is staying in my golf bag as a
    result. I don’t need a driver any longer using this great golf club. I know where my drives are going every time using
    this amazing 3-wood. I hope other golfers can have the same experience too.

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