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The Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid is every bit of a forgiving “mini wood” that’s good for gaps between long irons and fairway woods.



Hybrids, utilities, rescue clubs, or whatever else you want to call them may be one of the best inventions of modern golf, but they are also one of the most complex pieces of equipment in the game.  Some players are looking for “mini fairway woods” while others are looking for a direct long-iron replacement for a higher launching shot.  Callaway offers a range of options to cover these different needs, but the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid is a very forgiving and easy to hit club in the “mini fairway wood” family.



A major part of the design in the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid is its larger body and bigger face for increased distance.  It has a pear shape that resembles a shrunken fairway wood and gives you a good feeling when set up behind the ball.  The crown of the Big Bertha OS hybrid has a mean matte black finish, and the sole has a mechanical look with its dual runner design for better turf interaction.  For traditionalists, Callaway has done a great job with minimal branding to make one classy looking club.


Sound & Feel

Sticking with the “mini fairway wood” theme, the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid has more of that wood sound and feel.  The face is very forgiving on the hands with a large sweet spot and the sound is a solid metallic ping similar to that of a fairway wood.  To the Big Bertha OS’s credit, it doesn’t sound anywhere near hollow or springy, but it does have a little more pop to its tone.  While the club is certainly forgiving, mishits don’t feel as lively as pure shots.



The adjustability and the forgiveness mentioned previously make the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid one of the most versatile hybrid options in Callaway portfolio.  The better ball strikers looking for shot versatility are still going to lean towards something like the Apex hybrid, but the average player looking for a club they can reliably hit long, high, and straight are going to love the Big Bertha OS hybrid.

I think the real bread and target for the Big Bertha OS hybrid will be the player looking for something longer than their longest iron off the tee.  I specifically think of my dad who hits his 4-iron around 160-170 yards, but hits his fairway woods in a 210 to 225 yard range.  He will regularly encounter holes where he needs to be able to hit the ball around 200 yards off of the tee but doesn’t have the right club for it.  The Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid makes that shot fairly easy to hit without swinging out of his shoes.

Of course, you may have those same distance-gap woes away from the tee box as well.  The Big Bertha OS hybrid manages its way through thick rough but excels from the fairway – much like a fairway wood.  The dual runners on the sole do help with the turf interaction by guiding the club through squarely.  However, they don’t feel cumbersome to the point where you can’t manipulate the club because they force the club head to track too hard in a single direction (this has been the case with other “rail systems” in the past).



Though you can call a hybrid many things, I feel “utility” is the best descriptor for the Callaway Big Bertha OS hybrid.  The Big Bertha OS hybrid is a useful club to fill in that awkward distance gap in the middle of your bag.  There are a lot of options out there to fill that spot, but the adjustability, forgiveness, and ease of use make the Big Bertha OS hybrid a worthwhile option for a normally difficult spot in the average player’s golf bag.

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  1. Priced like a fairway wood.

    • Are there hybrids from other major OEM’s for less money? Yes. Are there plenty of others in the same or similar price point? Yes. That isn’t an unrealistic price bracket for a hybrid in 2016/17. Especially with regular drivers hitting the $500 mark.

  2. This club is nearing the end of its cycle. Having played the previous version with success, the BB, I picked up the OS earlier this summer. It’s a bit longer, and not too heavy and believe the sole/turf interaction is improved. I find it about a half-inch too long in length and cut down the 22H, and Callaway put in a heavier weight. Nice club for that awkward spot – and for me, that’s the 22, although I picked up a 25 recently when the 5i is not so sweet. Thx.

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