Callaway Apparel 2019 Weather Series Review

By: Dylan Thaemert

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Who says you need good weather to enjoy a day on the golf course?  With the new Weather Series line from Callaway Apparel, you are ready to play in comfort and style, regardless of the weather.


Weather adds an element of unpredictability into the already-fickle game of golf.  If you ask me, it’s a beautiful thing. But it doesn’t always make for a simple shorts-and-polo kind of day.  When the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, golfers are often left puzzling over questions like, “Which one?” and “How many?” when it comes to what to wear.

Thankfully, Callaway has recognized that one size does not fit all when it comes to golf apparel and cold, wet, and/or windy conditions.  Just like the clubs in your bag, each item serves a specific purpose.  Read on to learn about my experience with three of the pieces from Callaway Apparel’s 2019 Weather Series, just in time for cold weather golf. 


When it comes to golf style, just about everything falls somewhere between street wear and country club.  For golfers who identify somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, Callaway’s Weather Series (as well as most of its other apparel) hits the mark. 

The color palette is neither boring nor bold.  Colors like navy, black, gray, red, and teal go comfortably with most other pieces in the typical golfer’s wardrobe and aren’t going to make a loud statement in the clubhouse. 


If you haven’t worn a specific brand before, you might wonder what kind of fit to expect when you order your “normal” size.  With Callaway, you can expect consistency across its family of apparel.  As Matt M detailed in his review of Callaway’s SWING TECH apparel (full review HERE), these pieces fit on the larger end of their size range.  

At 6’0”, 155 lbs, I would describe my typical size as a slim medium.  In the Callaway Weather Series gear, that means I will most comfortably wear a small.  The only time you might want to consider breaking that rule is in some of the layering pieces, like the water resistant outer shell.  If you have some cold weather golf on the books and plan to layer up, sticking with your true size might be the right call.


I like to look good just as much as the next guy, but when the elements are a factor, it’s all about performance.  I’m happy to report that the Callaway Weather Series gear I tested delivered when I needed it most. 

On those days when the temperature on the first tee is significantly colder than it is on the tenth, it’s nice to have something that keeps you warm but doesn’t trap excessive heat when it starts to warm up.  That’s what the Outlast Quarter Zip pictured above was designed for and that’s exactly what it does.  If the order of the day is simply staying warm, the Thermal Quarter Zip is an ideal piece to layer with a polo and a heavier jacket if necessary.

Similarly, the Water Resistant Quarter Zip shown below is packed with features that marry form and function.  Like the other Weather Series pieces, it is made with SWING TECH technology, which means that even if you’re layered up, you will be able to swing freely.  In addition to the waterproof material, the sleeves have additional inner cuffs and an adjustable outer cuff to make sure water doesn’t get in. 


Callaway Apparel’s 2019 Weather Series gear brings SWING TECH technology to a range of products specifically designed to help golfers play more comfortably in cold, wet, and windy conditions.  These pieces will easily find a home in the wardrobe of golfers whose style straddles the line between flashy and classy.

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