BroBasket “Serious Golfer Gift Basket” Review

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The BroBasket “Serious Golfer Gift Basket” is a gift option for that hard-to-buy-for golfer.  BroBasket’s goal is to offer cool gift baskets for men, providing them with cool stuff like booze, snacks, and golf gear.


Searching for a gift for that impossible-to-buy-for golfer in your life?  BroBasket tries to solve that problem with their golf themed line of gift baskets.  We reviewed the Serious Golfer Gift Basket from BroBasket, the lowest price-tier of golf-themed gift basket, which retails at $89.95.  BroBasket also gives you the option to add custom options (at a cost) to improve upon what comes in your basket.  Let’s see if the BroBasket can satisfy the needs of that serious golf junkie.

What’s Inside

Here’s what we received inside of our “Serious Golfer” Gift Basket:

  • 1 Sleeve of Callaway Super Hot golf balls
  • Large bottle of San Pelligrino Sparkling Water
  • 1 Can of flavored San Pelligrino Orange Sparkling Water
  • 2 packs of 3-BroBasket Tees and 2-BroBasket plastic ball markers
  • BroBasket Golf Towel
  • Divpro Multipurpose Golf Tool
  • BroBasket aluminum “crate”


The BroBasket Serious Golfer Gift Basket comes up short on value.  I don’t feel that I got close to the retail price of $85 worth of value in my basket.

The “crate” was cheap, and the items were far less than impressive.  If I were to go out and purchase these items, I feel like I could do so for $30.  Most people don’t need a BroBasket towel, tees, or markers, and the golf balls will be hit-or-miss depending on the golfer (for the “serious golfer” it will probably miss as they are lower-tier balls).

I was also surprised there was no liquor in the basket.  The BroBasket website is heavily themed around booze being in their baskets, and when I found that I need a 21 year or over signature for the package, I got my hopes up.  Unfortunately there was none to be found.  Overall, I don’t feel I would use anything from the basket, save for using the San Pelligrino to mix with a cocktail.


I think that BroBasket has a great idea going with gift baskets for men.  Sometimes, it’s really hard to buy gifts for a boss, relative, or friend, and a BroBasket can take a lot of the hard thinking out of that.  However, I do think that BroBasket can do a lot better on the Serious Golfer Gift Basket.  The golf-themed items were not impressive and may not be used at all by a serious golfer.  I feel that you can get a lot more value elsewhere for $85, and you should look at other options before buying one for that golfer in your life.

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