Bridgestone J15 Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The Bridgestone J15 fairway wood is an excellent all-around fairway wood that players of all abilities can put into the bag.


Are you a player who wants forgiveness from your fairway wood, but prefers clubs that aren’t ultralight?  Or are you a better player who wants a neutral CoG, but also wants forgiveness?  In either case, you’re out of luck, because most OEMs don’t believe you exist.

Actually, that’s not 100% true, thanks to the Bridgestone J15 fairway wood.  This is one of the few fairway woods to be released this year that has a little weight to it, still has forgiveness, and can produce shots that shape right and left.

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At address, the Bridgestone J15 fairway wood is the prototypical modern fairway wood.  At 163 cc, the 3W is average in size and shape.  The gloss black crown is free of alignment aids for a sharp, clean look.  The face is just slightly taller than average for additional confidence off the tee, but it’s not so tall that you’ll fear hitting it off the deck.

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Sound & Feel

What I liked most about the Bridgestone J15 fairway wood is that, just like its hybrid brother, the club has a solid, hefty feel to it that doesn’t sacrifice your sense of where the club head is.

Impact feels very crisp with a solid click and excellent feedback.

Bridgestone J15F LM Data

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As I mentioned in the intro, what makes the Bridgestone J15 fairway wood unique among this year’s crop of fairway woods is that it pairs a neutral center of gravity with forgiveness.

Through the use of F.A.S.T. Crown Design, the J15 fairway wood creates high speed, even on mishits, and elevates the ball easily, even on slightly thin shots.  These qualities will make it attractive to higher handicap players and better players who are smart enough to realize that they occasionally need a little help.

The thing that really sold me on the J15, however, is the neutral CoG.  If you’ve been following my fairway wood reviews this year, you know that the vast majority of this year’s FWs are designed with substantial draw biases.  This is a great thing for the slicer, but it’s terrible for players like me who fear a hook.  With the J15, I was able to hit shots that went straight, left, or right, all without dramatic, exaggerated swings.  This club, in no small part because of the excellent stock shaft, allows the golfer to create exactly the shot he wants.

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If this review has sparked your interest in the Bridgestone J15 fairway wood head over to their website and check out their Test Drive program.  Since these clubs aren’t readily available at retail, Bridgestone will mail a demo direct to your home for you to try for 21 days, risk free.  You don’t even have to pay for shipping.

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