Bridgestone J15 Hybrid Review

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50 Words or Less

The Bridgestone J15 hybrid is a very solid club that will work well for a wide range of players.


While their output can be described as sporadic, it’s hard to argue that the club side of Bridgestone Golf hasn’t put out some outstanding products.  While in the past most of their best products were geared towards low handicap players, the J15 hybrid is a club that both high and low handicap players are going to like.

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At address, the Bridgestone J15 hybrid is slightly larger than average with a clean, gloss black crown.  Do note that as the loft increases, the heads get smaller.  The head is slightly pear-shaped, which should appeal to better players.

The shape of the face is quite interesting.  Where many hybrids are trending towards flatter leading edges, the J15 has a very rounded sole and oval-shaped face.  One detail that I really like is how the score lines frame the ball at address.

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Sound & Feel

At impact, you get a really solid, medium-volume crack from the J15 hybrid.  Coupled with excellent feedback, this is going to really appeal to the more traditional players.

The weight of this club is also worth mentioning.  With an 80 gram Mitsubishi Fubuki shaft, the J15 has nice heft to it.  What’s particularly good is that there’s still ample feel for the head.  Players looking for a precision, iron-replacement club will really enjoy the feel of the J15.

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The Bridgestone J15 hybrid manages to be both a fairly forgiving club and a precision tool for attacking the green.  I tested the 21 degree model and found that it would be an excellent replacement for a 3 iron because it’s both easy to hit and also able to hold green and hit different shots.  Typically, I find that hybrids this forgiving are just distance machines meant for high handicap players.  This club, however, forgives all kinds of mishits – thin, toe, and heel – while still launching high shots that can hold a green.  If you’re looking to take some of your long irons out of the bag, the J15 should be on your short list for replacement candidates.

The J15 hybrid is available in 17, 19, 21, and 23 degrees.

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While finding the Bridgestone J15 hybrid at retail may not be easy, Bridgestone has made it simple to test any of their new clubs with the Test Drive program.  Simply head over to their website and pick out the exact club you want to test.  They’ll deliver it to your door for a 21-day test for free!     If you do take advantage of this program, make the J15 hybrid part of your test drive, because this is one of the more impressive hybrids that we’ve tested this year.  No matter your handicap, this is a club you should try to get your hands on.

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  1. Amit Singh

    Nice review. Will you please comment on whether the clubs sits closed or square at address? You comment on the draw bias in some of your reviews, e.g., Mizuno hybrid review. Does this club exhibit a draw bias and, if it does, how much? How would you compare its performance with Srixon, Ping G30, Mizuno hybrids for a mid handicapper?

    • Matt Saternus


      The Bridgestone J15 is fairly neutral unlike the Mizuno JPX-850. It’s sits square and doesn’t have a strong draw bias. I would put it in the running with the other hybrids you mentioned for a mid handicapper. All are quality, it will come down to preference and fit.



  2. Matt,

    Any chance that Plugged in Golf could review the J15 cast irons? Information on those is sparse on the web. I plan to use their test drive program, but would be interested in the site’s review as well.

    Best Regards

    • Matt Saternus


      We would love to review them, but unfortunately Bridgestone doesn’t provide much product for reviews.
      My recommendation to anyone who wants to see more reviews is to contact the manufacturer in question and let them know that our reviews are important to you.



  3. Simon Putral

    I have the J15HY 3 and it is a phenomenal club. It is probably marginally longer than my 3 iron, but so solid to hit. As a 8 handicap, it has improved my game in many ways, primarily in that it feels really comfortable to just drop the ball in the fairway or give it a bit more and work it. Ball flight is fairly high, but it is 21 degree so no shock there. Just bought the J15 3 wood to go with it as the off centre hits feel really solid and inspire confidence. Great great club.

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