Bolle Bolt Sunglasses Review

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50 Words or Less

The Bolle Bolt sunglasses are light and extremely comfortable.  Tremendous clarity.

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While I’m no Matt Meeker, I will admit to being a bit of a sunglass junkie.  I’m forever searching for the pair that looks the best, is the most comfortable, or provides the best optics.  Today, I can announce that my addiction is over because I’ve found a pair of shades that does everything I could ask for: the Bolle Bolt.

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Clarity.  That’s the thing I noticed first when I tried on these Bolles at the PGA Show.  Matt Meeker made a point of taking me to Bolle’s booth after reviewing the Bolt, and I immediately saw why.  When I slipped these on, I felt my eyes relax, but my vision remained sharp.

The Bolt has the Modulator lenses which adapt to the light conditions to provide excellent contrast.  This is Bolle’s golf specific lens, and it performs brilliantly on the course.

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Style & Fit

See that nose piece?  You can bend it so that it sits on your schnoz exactly how you want it.  This seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve never seen it done before, and I can’t figure out why.  It is literally the best comfort feature I’ve ever experienced with a pair of glasses.

The comfort doesn’t stop there.  It extends to the very light weight which makes it easy to wear these for 18 holes, or 36, without wanting to throw them in a lake.

In terms of style, the Bolt are obviously an athletic style, full-coverage frame.  This is my go-to style, and I’m not afraid to wear them off the course.  When something performs and is comfortable, I say wear it everywhere.

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If you see me on the course (or anywhere else) in 2017, it’s very likely that you’ll see me wearing these Bolle Bolt sunglasses.  The combination of comfort and lenses that adapt to the light make it so there’s no reason to take them off or wear anything else.

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Matt Saternus

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