Bettinardi BB32 Putter Review

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Confidence boosting, smooth, well balanced.  Great for those looking for something a little bigger than a blade, but not quite a massive mallet.  Made in the USA!
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It’s no secret that Bettinardi putters are some of the most finely milled pieces of equipment in golf.  The company’s devotion to craftsmanship and elite engineering has made them a mainstay in the industry and widely respected by professionals across the globe.

Our ongoing review the 2014 BB Series brings us to my personal favorite, the Bettinardi BB32 plumbers neck mallet putter.
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Consistent with the rest of the Bettinardi BB Series, the BB32 has a satin silver finish for resisting the nasty glare of the sun when you’re standing over the putt.  This durable finish is classic and elegant as well as purposeful.  Also consistent with the BB Series, the BB32 has the signature Bettinardi honeycomb milled face.

From address, the BB32 is a bit shorter from heel to toe than a normal Anser style head and has shallow bumpers that slope toward the middle of the putter.  The extended flange extends allows for an extended sight line which helps with alignment.
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Sound & Feel

The Bettinardi BB32 putter has a nice muted click at contact.  The sound is a little less pronounced than with the BB1 which I would imagine is related to the larger club head and the weight distribution.

As far as feel, I’ve been fortunate enough to putt with the entire 2014 Bettinardi BB Series, and the BB32 is my absolute favorite.  The putter stays well balanced and under control throughout the entire stroke and has a nice soft, responsive feeling at impact.  Mishits on the face of the BB32 are very forgiving and that only helps boost your confidence with this putter.
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When I first rolled the Bettinardi BB32, I immediately noticed it was a lot easier to keep on line and the sweet spot of the putter was exactly where it should be…dead center of the face, right on the site line.  The highly engineered head shape provides a perfect balance and makes it easy to hit the ball in the center every time which results in a pure end-over-end roll.

Additionally, the 353 gram head on the BB32 makes it easy for the player to control their distance while maintaining a high level of feel over every putt.  Simply put, the putter is heavy enough that you have enough feel but light enough that it’s a not challenge to swing and control.

Though I’m not a player that really focuses on toe hang, I feel it’s important to note that this plumber’s neck mallet is not face balanced but is very close to it.
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When it comes to Bettinardi putters, you know that every single one you pick up is going to be made with the highest level of quality which takes out a large amount of the “guess work” in the putter selection process.  At the end of the day, all you have to do is find the one you feel most comfortable with and works best for you.  For me, this putter was the Bettinardi BB32.  The entire line is beautifully made, but the BB32 simply just worked the best for me.  The putter was easy for me to keep a consistent stroke with, and I found it easy to get the ball on a good roll by hitting the sweet spot every time.

Price & Specs

The 2014 Bettinardi BB Series retails for $299.  The CB (Counter Balanced) models retail for $349.

The available models are the BB1, BB1F, BB1 CB, BB32, BB32 CB, BB43, BB55, and BB55 CB.

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  1. I’m trying to decide between a Bettinardi BB 32 or a Scotty Cameron Futura X5R for Christmas. I guess I am hoping that maybe you could tell me something that would sway me in one direction or the other.

    • Sadly I can’t. That answer would be no different than me telling you apple or blueberry pie is better than the other. It’s completely subjective. One of these putters may feel better to you than the other, one may appeal to your eye better. If there’s one thing beyond everything else in the game of golf that is a totally individual and personal thing, it’s preference toward a good putter and making that choice. Both that you have mentioned are solid choices that I thought very highly of.

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