Bette & Court Women’s Apparel Review

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50 Words or Less

Form, function, and… features.  Bette & Court stands above the rest with elegant design ideas that everyone else should have thought of.


Bette & Court clothing provides style and comfort using innovative features not found in everyday apparel.  Every item has a surprising luxury that makes it a delight to don, from baby soft fabric to perfect waistbands to a hidden trick up your sleeve.


Comfort is the key to performance in my opinion.  If you aren’t comfortable on the course, it will be difficult to focus on your game.  Athletic apparel should be seen but not felt, stylish but not distracting.  The clothing in Bette & Court’s Jump Start collection offers a first-rate look and fit (for your confidence) and an even better feel and flex (for your game).

A standout feature of Bette & Court apparel is the Cool Elements technology.  Mesh detailing in the underarm is genius.  No one sees it, and you stay cooler and drier, benefiting both your game and your confidence.

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Style & Fit

When I tried on these pants, my first thought was, “Oh god, no…  these are like maternity pants.  But I’m DONE with maternity pants!”  Then I got them on and remembered, the only drawback about maternity pants is the fact that you have 5 to 50+ extra pounds and you need that poor waistband to stretch its little heart out.  Other than that, there is no pesky zipper, a forgiving and stretchy waist, and no need to hitch anything up.  Everything stays put and is extremely comfortable.  Anyone who has ever worn maternity pants would agree, perhaps with a nostalgic tear in their eye.  Cheer up ladies!  You can wear unapologetically comfortable bottoms without having to haul another person around!  I’m talking about Bette & Court Smooth Fit pants.

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The pants weren’t the only pleasant surprise in this selection.  The textured fabric of the Swing Polo is a wonderfully vibrant color and the piece is made to fit and lie well, like a nice shirt should.  And did I mention that the underarm is breathable mesh?

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I own my share of performance hoodie/pullover pieces.  The Bette & Court Transition Jacket is my new favorite.  The fleeced interior is remarkably soft and cozy without adding bulk.  This hoodie was a perfect choice for a round that started in the low 60s and crept up to the high 70s.  By the time I was ready to shed a layer, it was well over 70 and plenty warm for short sleeves.

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Bette & Court gathered choice fabrics and applied them to inventive designs.  The clothing looks and feels right, and this brand elevates golf apparel with Cool Elements and Smooth Fit technology.  I imagine other brands will try to follow suit, but for now, Bette & Court is distinguished.

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