The Best 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

It’s The Most Wonderful (?) Time of Year

It’s that time when we, as golfers, prepare to receive lots of random items that golf stores labeled “Great Gifts”: tee holders, suction cups for pulling the ball out of the hole, visors with hair, etc.

Of course, you could avoid that fate by sending this gift guide to all your loved ones in an email subtly titled, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT!”

The choice is yours.

$30 and Under

Kentwool KS Series Socks (1)

Kentwool Socks

As a kid, getting socks was the worst.  As an adult, getting a pair of Kentwools puts a huge smile on my face.  Why?  Because these are the best socks in the world: they’re soft, comfortable, and durable, with just enough structure and support to keep your feet from feeling fatigued when walking 36 holes.


Revant Sunglass Lenses (8)

Revant Sunglass Lenses

These days, everything in golf is about customization: custom colors on your driver, custom head covers, custom shoes, etc.  Why not help your favorite golfer customize his favorite sunglasses with new lenses from Revant?  These lenses are high quality, fit a wide variety of frames, and feature a wide array of colors.



Golf Etiquette Quick Reference

Even in fancy new clothes, your favorite golfer isn’t going to look good on the course unless she has good etiquette.  Help her to be her best in every possible situation with this pocket reference guide from  This guide is not just for the novice.  It’s so comprehensive that even seasoned golfers will be able to learn from it.  What I particularly like is the focus on speeding up the game.




Club Champion Club Fitting

Unless you’re also their coach, buying a golf club for your loved one is a bad idea.  Sending them to the expert fitters at Club Champion, however, is a great idea.  It’s the closest you can get to gift wrapping longer drives and lower scores.  What makes it even better is that Club Champion is running a great holiday promotion: 50% off full-bag fittings and 33% off driver, iron, and putter fittings.


Biion Golf Shoes (10)

Bion Golf Shoes

Help your favorite golfer to stand out on the course with these unique golf shoes.  Even in toned down color combos like black and white, these EVA (rubber) golf shoes will be a conversation starter on the course.  In addition to looking cool, they’re also phenomenally light and comfortable.


BirdieBall Putting Green (4)

BirdieBall Putting Green

Does you favorite golfer live in a place where the golf courses go into hibernation for the winter?  Keep them from crawling the walls (or moving south) with an indoor putting green from BirdieBall.  These greens range in price from $35 to $225 and also vary in size.  Regardless of which one you pick, you can expect true roll and a better short game when the snow melts.


$100 and up

Arccos (3)


Whether your favorite golfer is a technology lover, someone dying to improve, or both, surprise them with Arccos.  This is simply the best game-improvement technology available right now, and it’s a blast to use.  Arccos is going to be the must-have item on the course in 2015, so put your golfer ahead to the curve and on the road to lower scores.


BPutters Space Putter (18)

BPutters Custom Putter

Want to give some art from an Italian master, but can’t swing the 8-figure price tag for a Da Vinci?  Try something equally beautiful and much more useful: a putter from BPutters.  These excellent flat sticks are hand crafted in Italy to your exact specifications.


Miura CB57 Irons (20)

Miura CB57 Irons

I know I said you shouldn’t buy clubs, but I’ll make an exception for those that want to break the bank on a set of Miuras.  These irons are forged in Japan and shaped by the hands of master craftsmen.  They look and feel unlike anything else on the market, and giving these as a gift guarantees that the recipient will love you forever.

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