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Kentwool socks are the best in golf.  The KW Series delivers the same trademark comfort and performance but with a thinner feel.


Socks are sock, right?  Sure, some have stripes, some have swooshes, some are argyle, but they’re all basically the same, right?

Wrong.  Socks, like any other piece of apparel, are part of your golf equipment and can impact your performance.  Just as you wouldn’t wear any random pair of shoes to the course, you shouldn’t wear whatever socks happen to be clean.  Kentwool socks are worn by a huge list of PGA and LPGA Tour players and a myriad of college teams (including the only one that really counts) because they’re the best in golf.  With the introduction of the new KW Series, Kentwool is expanding their line for players who prefer a lighter, thinner feel.

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KW Series vs. Kentwool Performance Golf Sock

The main difference between the KW Series and Kentwool’s famous Performance Golf Sock is the thickness.  The KW Series uses a blend of bamboo and wool that makes the sock noticeably thinner.

The KW Pro Light is Kentwool’s lightest and thinnest sock.  This makes it the most similar to normal athletic socks.  The KW Pro Light is a bit softer, but the overall feel is quite similar to a good sock from other makers.  The one important difference that I noticed is the way that it keeps your feet dry.  Even after a tough workout, the KW Pro Light stayed dry – as did my foot – instead of turning into a wet dishrag like other socks.

Between the thin KW Pro Light and the thick Performance Golf Sock is the KW Sport.  This new sock is offered in both a standard and low profile model.  The KW Sport isn’t as thick and cushy as the normal Performance Golf Sock, but it is clearly thicker than your standard sock.  For players who really like their normal Kentwools but want something lighter for hot weather, the KW Sport is a great choice.

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Why You Should Wear $21 Socks

I know that a lot of people get hung up on the price of Kentwool socks.  As someone who is notoriously cheap, I did too…until I owned some.  Now I can’t fathom buying cheap socks.

Let’s start with Kentwool’s durability.  I have some pairs of Kentwool socks that are five years old and have been washed nearly every week since I got them.  They still look and feel new.  Most bargain socks, or even decent socks from apparel companies, turn into Swiss cheese after a year of heavy use.  That durability alone justifies most or all of the cost.

More important to me, however, is the comfort.  There is simply no comparison between regular socks and Kentwool.  In a pair of Kentwools, your feet feel cushioned, dry, and supported all day.  At the very least, you should wear Kentwool when you golf, and, if you spend your workday on your feet, they should be part of your daily uniform.

If you think I’m off my rocker, try them.  Kentwool has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there’s no risk.  If you try them and don’t like them, you get your money back.  But I doubt that will happen.

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Whether you choose the KW Sport, Low Profile, or Pro Light (or stick with the original Kentwool’s) you’re going to make your feet happy.  Pulling on a pair of Kentwool socks is an affordable luxury that every golfer ought to experience.

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