Ben Hogan PTx PRO Irons Review

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The Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons have a classy look and a wealth of unique performance attributes.  Best suited to golfers with moderate to good ball striking ability.


In today’s iron market, there are more categories than ever.  Game improvement, super game improvement, players iron, players distance irons…the list goes on and on.  The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company isn’t interested in labels or in competing to see who can make the longest 7-iron.  Their aim was simply to create a high performance iron that blends a traditional look with the advantages of modern manufacturing techniques.  The result is the PTx PRO irons.


The timeless logo of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company looks perfectly at home on the back of the PTx PRO irons.  In the bag, these irons have a traditional look – shallow cavity, moderate size, and modest branding.  There are also some nice aesthetic details like the ringed ferrule and the proprietary blue/grey grips.

At address, the PTx Pro looks compact from heel to toe.  Its top line is thin for a game improvement iron, a touch thick for a players iron.  The amount of offset swings rather dramatically throughout the set.  In the 8-PW, there is very little offset.  The 6I and 7I have an amount of offset you’d expect in a players iron.  When you get to the 4I and 5I, the offset becomes quite noticeable.

For those familiar with the Ben Hogan line, the PTx Pro has a slightly larger face, wider sole, and more offset compared to the original PTx irons.  You can find a review of the original PTx HERE.

The Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons are available in two finishes.  Pictured here at the PTx PRO Black irons, which use a proprietary “Diamond Black Metal” finish.  This dark finish looks great, reduces glare, and improves contrast with the ball.  The company states that their finish is more durable than other dark finishes and adds no weight to the club head.  For those that prefer a traditional look, there is also a nickel-chrome finish.

Sound & Feel

The PTx Pro irons have a wonderful blend of old and new in their sound and feel.  From the sound alone, you would guess that this is an old school iron.  Impact produces a mid-pitch, crisp “snap.”  There’s nothing in the sound that hints at modern club construction.  The feel, however, has a dash of the explosive feel that comes with most new, thin-faced irons.  It’s really the best of both worlds.

One area where I was underwhelmed was the feedback.  There’s a clear difference between pure strikes and mishits – misses feel dull – but it’s hard to know exactly where on the face the ball was struck or how extreme the miss was.


Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company states that their irons defy category, and I think that’s a fair claim.  The PTx PRO has a wealth of interesting features, but the combination defies easy categorization.

The most interesting technology in the PTx PRO irons is invisible to the golfer: the three-piece forging.  In the long irons, each club has a 1025 carbon steel body, a separate forged face, and tungsten weighting.  Tungsten is used to balance the club and promote higher launch with more spin.  In the short irons, the tungsten is replaced with titanium to give players better distance control and fight ballooning trajectories.

Another reason for the different materials is to create a linear center of gravity (CG) throughout the set.  Most modern sets have a higher CG in the short irons and a lower CG in the long irons.  The manufacturer infers that the linear CG makes the set more consistent and predictable for the golfer.

In my testing, the linear CG performed mostly as I expected.  The short irons launched fairly low with moderate spin.  The PTx PRO mid irons were similar to most other player-ish irons in terms of launch and spin.  I was concerned that the long irons would launch exceedingly low, but I was pleasantly surprised at the ball flight.  These are not high launching long irons, nor are they very forgiving of thin shots, but well struck shots got plenty of distance.

The PTx PRO creates ball speed that is more than adequate but short of today’s best hollow-body irons.  Similarly, the forgiveness is adequate for a mid-handicapper, but it’s not equivalent to the larger game improvement irons.

Finally, one of the hallmarks of recent Ben Hogan golf clubs is the V-Sole.  A quick glance at the sole makes it clear where the name comes.  There is a thin section of high bounce near the leading edge and a wider area of low bounce leading to the trailing edge.  As I’ve noted in previous reviews, this is a wonderful design.  It gives the golfer all the versatility of a thin sole with the forgiveness of a much wider sole.


The new Ben Hogan PTx PRO irons are a refreshing change of pace.  They don’t have a four figure price tag, they don’t have uber-strong lofts, and they don’t make outrageous performance claims.  This is a very solid set of irons for the mid-handicap or better golfer.  The only drawback to the direct-to-consumer model is that you can’t try them before you buy except through their demo program (details HERE).

Ben Hogan PTx Pro Irons Price & Specs

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  1. J.B. Cobb III

    You can try them before you buy with Ben Hogan Golf’s Demo Program! $20 and they send you a 6&9 iron for 14 days.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Have been waiting for your review of these for a while. Interesting that these sound more game improvement than the original Ptx, at least in terms of looks. And yet have “pro” moniker.
    Any comments on a comparative performance of feel, forgiveness and distance against the original Ptx? I assume also a fair way away from the Ft.Worths?

  3. Those look nice and the pricing is reasonable, but I wish they offered more shaft choices.

  4. Conrad Glewicz

    Best irons I have ever played, along with the Equalizer wedges…hope the company survives in this tough golf environment…CGG…

  5. Purchased a set of these irons after trying demo clubs. They are very consistent and the gapping is really nice. I am hitting them almost as far as my previous game improvement irons despite weaker lofts. Love the V sole turf interaction. Definitely worth a try.

  6. Thanks for the great review Matt.

    Not taking the price difference into account, performance and feel wise how would you compare the Ptx pro to the Mizuno MP20 HMB? I think the Hogan’s are 2 degrees weaker in loft.

    Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I prefer the Hogan by a fairly wide margin. They have superior feel and plenty of forgiveness with more playable spin.



  7. Matt I just ordered a set and am anxious to get them. My all time favorite set I owned were the FTX irons. If you are familiar with those can you compare the setup of the two at address.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not familiar with the FTX. I hope you enjoy the PTx Pro. They’re great irons.



    • Zane – I also used to game and love the FTX. Curious if you have any feedback on how the PTX Pro compares to the FTX. Thank you!

  8. Chris Charlton

    I played the APEX forged for years, then went to the Taylor Mades, etc. But never really got a good feel for them. I like the thinner sole as I kike to take some turf and the others have too wide of sole so more bounce.

    What do you recommend, these or the Ft. Worth? Sitting at 10 handicap right now.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’d recommend trying both and seeing what performs better for you. Ben Hogan clubs are now available at Club Champion, so testing them has never been easier.



  9. Hi Matt I play off 18 and have the normal ptx irons already which I love but am so tempted to get the ptx pro … do you think it’s worth changing or stock with what I have ?

    • Matt Saternus


      I think it’s worth using the demo program to give them a test. Or you can try them head to head in a fitting at Club Champion.



  10. Guillermo Avelar

    Hey Matt I’m currently playing 735 cm titleist irons how would you compare these ptx pro irons to ones I’m currently playing ? Thanks

  11. Matt,

    I’m a 19 handicap and misses usually thin or on the toe. Do you think I can play these?

  12. Bill Spieth

    Great read Matt, thanks. Bill

  13. Matt,

    How would you compare these to the Srixon 785?

    Looking at both,,

    Regards ,


  14. I wish the shaft options were a bit wider. Not a fan of True Temper, KBS 90 is too light, and the Tour V is not one of KBS best. I offered to buy them on the spot if I could choose the KBS Tour 100 in R flex, I was told NO. I asked for heads only, NO! I asked for the irons not assembled, NO. They must be selling so many of these they turn customers away.

    • Matt Saternus


      That is disappointing. I believe that Ben Hogan clubs are now available through Club Champion, and you can get any shaft imaginable through them.



  15. I play the BH Apex Plus. I also swing Mizuno 919 and 850. The Hogan’s swing much lighter. Mizunos have a certain feel when hit flush. Much stronger and sweeter than the Apex’s. The Apex has a stronger loft, but that does not necessarily equate to lower flight. I have more strikes with the Apex’s, so they’re my gamers. I am interested in the original PTx’s. Any idea where to get those left handed?

    • Matt Saternus


      Outside of ordering direct from Ben Hogan Golf, I would check out eBay.



  16. James Eadie

    Really liked these , if your a reasonable golfer looking at improvement these are good to go .. i tried the 6 & 9 demo , but went for i500 ping , but these were the next choice, sadly they send you standard demo clubs , which don’t do the clubs justice

  17. Reviews for their ICON irons is when?

    • Matt Saternus


      I have sent numerous emails to Ben Hogan Golf inquiring about the ICON. If you want to help the process along, the best thing to do is go on social media and let them know that you value our reviews.



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