Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedge Review

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The Ben Hogan Equalizer wedge delivers quality performance at a consumer-friendly price.  Great sole design.  Unique approach to progressive CoG.


After two years of rumors and uncertainty about the company’s future, Ben Hogan Golf has released a new wedge, the Equalizer, and a new iron, the Edge.   With simplified offerings (clubs are no longer available at every degree of loft), the company is hoping to make a dent in the golf marketplace by focusing on direct-to-consumer value pricing.  We tested the Equalizer wedge to see how the performance stacks up with golf’s bigger names.


The Ben Hogan Equalizer wedge has a unique shape at address.  Its leading edge is square, but the toe and top line have a rounded shape.  Most wedges go all-in on being round or square, but the Equalizer blends the two together.

In the bag, the Equalizer is a little busier than most wedges.  Near the sole, you find the Equalizer name, and the Ben Hogan signature is near the top line.  In between there’s a diagonal pattern with the words “Precision Milled” near the hosel.  The classic black and red color scheme keeps this from being overly loud.

Sound & Feel

The Equalizer wedge creates an exceptionally quiet, soft-feeling impact.  Even with range balls, centered shots were whisper quiet.

When you miss the center, the sound changes completely.  Shots on the heel or toe produce a loud knock.  What’s unusual is that, despite the audio change, you don’t feel misses in your hands very much.


The golf industry is often monkey-see-monkey-do, so it’s interesting to see a company zig when others are zagging.  Many other OEMs are designing wedges with higher centers of gravity (CoG) in the most lofted wedges and lower CoG in the less lofted wedges in an effort to create a uniform ball flight.  The Equalizer wedges, however, have higher CoG in the low lofted wedges and lower CoG in the high lofted wedges.  This means that the low lofted wedges will fly even lower and the high lofted wedges will fly even higher.  I found that the gap wedge produced my expected ball flight, but the lob wedge went a mile in the air.  Flighting the lob wedge down was extremely difficult.

In addition to the progressive CoG, the Equalizer wedges feature Enhanced V-Sole Technology.  The V-Sole has been a hallmark of all the “new” Ben Hogan clubs.  This design puts high bounce in the leading edge to prevent digging and low bounce in the rear of the sole for playability.  The version used in the Equalizer has slightly less bounce on the leading edge and more bounce in the rear of the sole, essentially making the V-shape less dramatic.  I found that the V-Sole was still effective at preventing digging and versatile around the green.

The face of the Equalizer wedges is CNC milled to produce consistent grooves at the USGA limit.  I found that they produced spin on a level with most wedges from the major OEMs.


Selling for $100 with your choice of shaft, grip, length, and lie, there’s no question that the Ben Hogan Equalizer wedge represents a strong value in today’s golf market.  If you’re interested to see how the Equalizer performs for you, take advantage of the company’s demo program (click HERE).  For $20, you can try the club for 14 days to see if it can earn a spot in your bag.

Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedge Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Jason Warlond

    Hi Matt, How do they perform against the Ft Worth 15 wedges from a couple of years back.

    Kind regards

  2. Jason Warlond

    NB. When are you reviewing the Edge irons? (Can’t imagine it will be long after being such a fan of the Ft Worths).

  3. Purchased Equalizer wedges to go with my Ptx pro irons and happy with results. These are helping my short game by maintaining consistent gapping in my set. I purchased 50, 54, and 58 degree wedges and took advantage of a 10% off promotion. Really like the V sole design which really helps turf interaction in all kinds of conditions that we typically get in the northeast. I do think the higher loft (58 degree in my set) wedges do fly high, but I holed one from 60 yards so I am happy.

    • Hi Bob. Do you have an extra sand wedge or do you use these wedges in the bunker too?
      I just bought a 48 and 60 degrees and kept my sandwedge. That’s why I ask.

  4. Ran spicer

    I usually have 12 degree bounce on my 58 wedge-what’s the equalizer ii s?
    I m a solid 8-10 handicap play everyday. What’s the difference between the 2 lines?
    I ve had the callaway md 6 s

    • Matt Saternus

      Ben Hogan doesn’t publish the bounce numbers for the Equalizer.
      What “2 lines” are you referring to?


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