Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart Review

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The Bag Boy Nitron push cart opens and folds more quickly and easily than any other push cart I’ve tested.  Great storage options.  Smooth on-course performance.


Any member of the Push Cart Mafia knows the feeling of wrestling with your cart to get it unfolded.  Sometimes, even a trusted walking buddy can get grumpy and cause a little pre-round headache.

The new Bag Boy Nitron push cart aims to end those hassles by being “the fastest opening cart in golf.”  With Nitron Piston and Top-Lok Technologies, is this the new best way to walk the course?  I tested one to find out.

Size & Set Up

After unboxing the Bag Boy Nitron push cart and removing all the cardboard and plastic, you’ll have the main body of the cart, three wheels, and the umbrella holder.  The instruction manual is hidden inside the cart’s console, so I put the cart together without it.  Installing the wheels does not require tools and took just under two minutes.  For those not at all mechanically inclined, the instructions are very clear and helpful.

Let’s move on to the Nitron’s main selling point – “the fastest opening cart in golf.”  If you look at the picture above, you’ll see a black plastic bracket just below the red graphics.  This is what holds the cart in its folded position.  When you pull the upper rail loose from the bracket, the Nitro Piston Technology unfolds the cart automatically.

Above you can see a picture of the Bag Boy Nitron push cart fully folded.  In this form, it measures 19″ X 13.5″ X 22″, which is on par with most push carts.  It’s not particularly tiny or unusual in shape, but it’s small enough to fit alongside your bag in the trunk of most cars.

I will quibble with Bag Boy’s claim of “One Step Open.”  As you can see above, the handle is not part of this automatic opening and closing mechanism.  There’s a grey lever that needs to be pulled open to place the handle in your preferred position.  That said, this is the fastest-opening push cart I’ve tested.

Finally, I want to note how easy it is to carry the Bag Boy Nitron push cart.  The bag stand is also a handle that’s perfectly located for comfortable carrying.  At just under 17 pounds, the Nitron is average in weight, but the handle makes it more pleasant to carry than other push carts.

Storage & Accessories

Given the ease and speed of opening, I didn’t expect the Bag Boy Nitron to bring much else to the table.  I was pleasantly surprised to find one of the best console’s I’ve seen on a push cart.  There’s a large drink holder in the center.  This is big enough for the larger water bottles that are common today, and deep enough that smaller diameter containers shouldn’t spill.

Next, the Bag Boy Nitron has the best umbrella holder I’ve encountered.  The included umbrella holder can attach to the right or left side of your cart, which is a nice option.  What makes it stand out is how stable the holder is.

The plastic holder is attached to a long, threaded screw which goes through the entire handle.  This is much more sturdy than the average holder which holds on to the side of the handle.  While I’m a pretty fair weather golfer, it’s nice to see a company putting effort into every element of the push cart.

Moving to the interior of the console, it’s large enough for a wallet and keys, but it’s not so big and deep that things aren’t easily accessible.  You can also see three dedicated spaces for golf balls on the right side of the compartment and a pencil clip on the cover.  Finally, there’s a device holder at the back of the console.  The red bungee holds your phone or GPS in place, allowing you to be more hands free during your round.

Finally, there’s a large storage pouch underneath the handle.  You can use this for your larger items or the things that you aren’t grabbing as frequently during the round.  This mix of storage options allows you to set up your cart in multiple ways.

Bag Boy has a substantial list of accessories you can add on, too.  There’s a cart seat, cart mitts, a sand/seed bottle, and much more.  Bag Boy offers 25% off accessories to those that buy the Nitron push cart.

On-Course Performance

With easy unfolding and excellent storage, the only thing left to test about the Bag Boy Nitron push cart was how well it holds a bag and rolls on the course.

To the first part of that question, Bag Boy touts its Top-Lok Technology which is designed to prevent twisting and turning.  At first glance, I didn’t see anything unusual.  The bungee cords around the top and bottom of the bag seem to be the same as every other push cart I’ve used.

However, when I slid by Vessel Sunday III [review HERE] onto the Nitron, the genius of the design became immediately clear.  There are different “levels” to the piece that wraps around the bag which locks the bag in place.  The lowest level perfectly surrounds the Vessel’s stand mechanism which makes twisting impossible.  This is so simple, but it works exactly as designed, elevating the cart’s function.

The wheels on the Bag Boy Nitron are hard plastic – 11″ in the rear and 9.5″ in the front.  I prefer plastic wheels as they are zero maintenance.  The Nitron rolls easily around the course, and the wheels are large enough to smooth out the normal bumps and divots you’ll encounter.  If you find your cart drifting to one side, there is an adjustment available on the front wheel.  This tuning requires the use of the included Allen wrench.

Finally, the Bag Boy Nitron utilizes a hand brake on the left side of the console.  I strongly prefer a hand brake to a foot brake as it’s much easier to use.  The handle has a satisfying feel when it snaps into place, and the brake works just as it should.

The Bag Boy Nitron push cart retails for $280 which is about average for a name brand cart.  It’s offered in five colorways: Grey/Lime, Silver/Black, Graphite/Charcoal, Black/Red, and Navy/Red (seen here).  If you’re searching for a bolder look, the Nitron LTD has Grey Camo, USA Flames, or Stacked Skulls graphics for $300.


The Bag Boy Nitron push cart impressed me enough during my testing to become my new go-to push cart.  I like the ease and speed with which is unfolds, but it doesn’t rest on that one trick.  Everything about this cart is well done from the storage to the way it keeps your golf bag straight.  If you’re hoping to walk more of your rounds this year, the Nitron is a worthwhile investment.

Buy the Bag Boy Nitron Push Cart HERE

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  1. Mark Kuyawa

    Wow, that could be my next cart ! I’ll ask my Golf Galaxy guy if they have or can order.

    Thanks Matt ! Great review !!!

    • Matt Saternus

      Thanks, Mark.

      If you order the Nitron through the link at the bottom of the review, it does help support the site, which is greatly appreciated.



  2. Gary Malcolm Smeaton

    I see a lot about how fast it unfolds, but I don’t see anything about how fast it folds back up after use with those pistons wanting to open…

    • Matt Saternus


      The pistons aren’t exactly rocket powered. The Nitron folds up as quickly and easily as it unfolds.


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