Back 2 Basics Pro Path Putting Mirror Review

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The Back 2 Basics Golf Pro Path Putting Mirror is a quality version of a classic training aid.  Ball gates are a nice addition.  There is a universal version that doesn’t prescribe a stroke path.


With a name like Back 2 Basis Golf, you would expect a company that’s focused on fundamental, time tested golf products, and you would be correct.  While they also have a line of apparel, their main products are putting mirrors.  In this review, I examined the Pro Path Putting Mirror to see what makes it different from all those that have come before it.

Set Up & Ease of Use

One of the reasons that putting mirrors are so popular is their ease of use.  Drop one on the ground, secure it with tees, and the mirror provides instant feedback on your eye and shoulder position.  The Pro Path Putting Mirror can that easy to use.

This particular mirror does have some extra elements that you can take advantage of for just a few more seconds of set up.  As you can see above, there are slots on either side of the putter head for creating a gate.  You can set it fairly wide or very tight, depending on your skill level.  Additionally, there are tee holes at different backswing lengths so you can work on distance control or tightening up your stroke.  Finally, the Pro Path Putting Mirror comes with four ball gates that you can set up to check the quality of your start line.


The Pro Path Putting Mirror scores high on effectiveness because it provides clear feedback on numerous aspects of your putting.  Most obviously, it helps with your set up.  If your eyes and shoulders are consistently in the same position, you’re on your way to better putting.

The namesake feature – the bright green stroke path – is one I’m ambivalent about.  There’s no question that it’s one way to putt well, but it’s far from the only way.  If this “inside-down-the-line” path matches yours, this is a great feature.  If not, Back 2 Basics makes a Universal Putting Mirror without the path line.  Regardless of your stroke path, I like the ability to use tees to create a putter head gate.

Finally, the ball gates are a nice additional feature.  With a mirror, it’s easy to get caught up in set up and stroke mechanics and forget the object of putting.  By setting a ball gate in front of the mirror, you get feedback on whether your stroke is getting the job done.  There are four ball gates that range in difficulty from challenging to very easy.


There’s good and bad with The Pro Path Putting Mirror in terms of longevity.  Though it has a bit of flexibility, it is largely a unitasker.  I also wish that, like the PuttOut Putting Mirror [review HERE], more of the features could be used indoors.  To the good, it’s small and light enough to live in your golf bag.

On the whole, the Pro Path Putting Mirror is about average on longevity.  For the serious player, a putting mirror is a tool that can be used a lot.  For the recreational golfer, it’s unlikely to see regular use.


The Pro Path Putting Mirror retails through the Back 2 Basics Golf website [HERE] for $65.  The price for the Universal Putting Mirror is the same.  Both versions come with four ball gates.

At $65, this is an affordable training aid.  For the serious golfer, I think this mirror is a solid value.


For the golfer that wants to get more feedback from their putting practice, and does most of their work outdoors, the Pro Path Putting Mirror is a solid choice.  Keep in mind that there is a universal option for those that aren’t trying to make the “inside-down-the-line” stroke prescribed by the Pro Path mirror.

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  1. I live in UK. Is this product sold in UK?
    Or do I buy from US?

  2. Dana Horton

    Any recommendations for inside?

    • Matt Saternus


      If you’re asking for a mirror to use inside, I would suggest the PuttOut Mirror. If you’re asking how to use this indoors, I would suggest getting a few small, heavy items to anchor this at the corners.



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