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The Axglo V3 Push Cart has ample accessories, stellar storage, and is majorly maneuverable.  While not inherently tiny, it can be folded and partially disassembled for easier travel. 


This is not Plugged In Golf’s first review of an Axglo product.  My fellow writer, Zack recently wrote about another model, the Axglo Flip n’ Go, saying he was “impressed” (review HERE).  While the Axglo V3 does share some similarities to the Flip n’ Go, there are some major differences.  The V3 is larger and features three wheels instead of four.  But, no matter the model, I can see why he was a fan of this company’s push carts.  The V3 impressed me as well, and I’ll explain why in the following review. 

Size & Set Up

As my grandfather once said, when all else fails, follow directions.  While I will admit I’m not the best at assembling anything, this was relatively straightforward to set up.  On top of that, Axglo’s YouTube video (which you can view HERE) has a useful demonstration of how it should fold and unfold.  

The V3 is by no means a small push cart.  Without a bag on it, it weighs nearly 19 pounds and stands fully assembled at nearly four feet tall.  That is arguably the only drawback of the cart as even when folded, it may be hard to store in smaller cars.  With that said, it can get quite compact compared to its full size, and the wheels are all either foldable or removable.  

The setup of your cart can also have a bit of personal flair.  The cart’s frame can be ordered in one of four colors: black, grey, silver, or white.  The trio of wheels can also be customized in four colors: green, blue, red, and grey.  This has more personality and customization than I have seen on almost any push cart. 

Storage & Accessories

There is a ton of storage available in this push cart and it takes the form of two magnetic-close pockets.  The bottom one is the larger of the two.  That one has a good amount of storage and space for several items you’d need like balls, snacks, and even a rangefinder. 

The smaller is better for those easier-to-lose items like ball markers, divot repair tools, and your golf glove.  Both pockets are easily accessible even with your bag strapped on and a scorecard on the clip.  Given that storage, this makes an excellent addition to your bag when you choose to walk. 

The two accessories that made the biggest impact were the two holders, one for a drink and another for an umbrella.  The umbrella holder is versatile – you can control the angle of your umbrella and it allows for different sizes of umbrella handles.  While the obvious purpose is to shelter you from the rain during a round, I found it to be even more useful for creating shade during the summer months. 

The drink holder is similarly adaptable as it can hold sports drinks, soft drinks, water bottles, and more.  Outside of those accessories, the cart also features a cell phone holder and storage bag.  Both options are now being included free, at the time of writing. 

On-Course Performance 

The worst thing about push carts is that they can sometimes feel like a broken shopping cart, requiring you to change angles over and over again.  Fortunately, the Axglo V3 push cart feels nothing like that.  It has tremendous handling, allowing me to skirt water hazards, bunkers, and tall grass without getting stuck in them.  Undoubtedly, that was thanks to the front wheel that can swivel 360 degrees

I felt as though I could manage at any angle or incline on the course, even on several courses I played that featured noticeable elevation changes.  Along with being very maneuverable, it also is easily stopped.  Whether stationary, on an incline, or rolling downhill, the pushcart can be stopped by a dual handbrake system and a lockable forward wheel

The Axglo V3 push cart also felt extremely stable. Whether in bumpy waste areas, thicker rough, or flat fairways, the different bags I tried remained steady, no matter the size or shape.  I can attribute that to the adjustable bag strap.  There is some nice peace of mind to note that this model of cart comes with a 1-year warranty, as well. 


The Axglo V3 push cart performs exactly how you would want a push cart to perform.  It’s got the accessories, storage, and maneuverability that take the weight off of your shoulders and allow you to focus on your golf.  While this doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it’s a solid example of the tool and something you may consider when looking into a cart for yourself. 

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  1. It’s a nice looking cart. I currently sport a CaddyTek push cart and the one thing the CaddyTek has that I think is better than the Axglo is an open pouch at the handle. I routinely drop my glove in it as well as my phone which doubles as my GPS. Having to open/close the lid looks like it would be a nuisance if you set up your cart like I do.

  2. Wait until you get your hands on the E3/5 model.

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