Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro Golf Push Cart Review

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The Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro golf push cart is as simple to use as the name implies.  The four wheel cart is easy to navigate, has multiple storage areas, and includes all the necessary accessories for the course.


Axglo is a Canadian company that was created in the early 2000s when its founder needed a better alternative than the limited push carts that were available.  He wanted something easy to setup, compact, and able to withstand the harsh nature of pushing a bag through 18 holes.   Axglo was born.  All these years later, Axglo has plenty of quality competitors, but what sets it apart is its ownership of all their product’s manufacturing facilities.  This allows for tighter tolerances and a keen oversight on delivering the highest level of quality to its customers.  I review the Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro to see how this holds up to the competition.

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Size & Set Up

The Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro golf push cart is moderate in size both when folded down and fully setup.  Although the back wheels are easily removable, it does take up a decent amount of space which can be troublesome for smaller cars and trunks.  However, I found the symmetrical four wheel foundation a little easier to store than an awkwardly-folded three wheeler.

Setup was an absolute breeze.  I skipped the directions to check for user friendliness and had the whole thing assembled in less than three minutes.  The only assembling was the two back wheels which snapped into place and the two included accessories – a cup holder and an umbrella sleeve.  I was impressed before I even got to the course.

Storage & Accessories

The storage on the Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro is simple yet effective.  There are two separate areas for storage.  Both are covered with magnetic hard tops.  The larger and lower of the two is soft and has room enough for extra balls, snacks, and maybe even a light jacket or pullover (below).  The upper compartment (above) is hard lined and shallow for essentials like a phone, wallet, or GPS.  It also allows for a few balls but there’s not enough room for a phone and balls.

axglo flip n' go push cart console

One thing that impresses me about the Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro is that their most important accessories are included.  The cup holder, umbrella sleeve, and storage bag all came standard with the push cart.  The only other pertinent accessory offered on the Axglo website is a basic phone holder which attaches to the handlebar.  Since I often use my phone on the course, I have one on order.

On-Course Performance

I have reviewed quite a few push carts from several brands, but the Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro might be my favorite for a variety of reasons.  When I first got this to the course, I realized how nicely my bag sat on the cart.  More specifically, the lower section is a unique wedge gap that fits the base of your bag – no matter what size or shape – without a strap.  The top attachment adjusts up and down to fit your bag as well.

I have tested and used push carts with bag attachments that truly only fit their cart bags.  The Axglo has a unique system that allows for almost any size or shape bag to fit like it was custom made for it.  The custom fit came in handy in preventing dangling clubs from bouncing up against the handle area, especially over hilly terrain.

Speaking of terrain, this is my first experience with a four wheeled push cart, and I may not ever go back to three wheels.  The balance throughout the round is noticeably better than what I have seen using three wheels.  The two front wheels also have an optional 360 degree rotation which makes maneuvering through tight areas easier than ever.

Lastly, I want to point out the color options available when purchasing an Axglo cart.  The Axglo Flip n’ Go Pro has three colors available for the frame (black, silver, and white) and four colors for the wheels (red, blue, green, or white).  Additionally, it comes standard with a one year warranty.

axglo flip n' go push cart wheels


This is the first and only product I have reviewed from Axglo and I was impressed.  The Flip n’ Go Pro push cart looks and feels high end and will certainly hold up in the toughest of conditions.  It is easy to setup and custom fits to any golf bag, has efficient storage, and makes navigating 18 holes a walk in the park.

Visit Axglo HERE

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  1. Being a member of push cart mafia, I like the two compartments, but wish one would be open as I often keep my phone (Which I use for tracking/GPS) and glove in it when putting so would find it annoying to have to keep opening/closing a tray multiple times a hole.

    • Zack Buechner

      Highly suggest the add-on phone holster. Definitely solves the hassle of getting the phone in and out of the storage area during the round. Thanks for reading Jeff!


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