Ashworth Encinitas Wing Tip Golf Shoe Review


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With a punch of color, the Ashworth Encinitas Wing Tip golf shoes offer a modern twist on a classic style.



In an era where casual has become the norm, the Ashworth Encinitas Wing Tip golf shoes offer a touch of class.  With several new companies getting into the golf shoe arena lately, having a distinctive product doesn’t come easily, but Ashworth Golf has hit a home run with these shoes.  And if the blue laces are a bit much for your taste, black laces also come in the box.



The all leather upper is soft and supple as expected from a high end shoe.  The padded cloth strips around the openings eliminate digging in on your ankles.  The Ashworth Encinitas Wing Tips have cushioning along the full footbed for a perfect balance between comfort and support.  One problem, however, is that the shoes are tight around the forefoot.  This seems to be a design issue as loosening the laces doesn’t solve the problem, and in two other models of Ashworth golf shoes I wear, standard medium width fits great.  The toe space feels fine in the size I typically wear.  I don’t hesitate to slip the Wing Tips on to play 18, but I wear thinner socks than normal.



The look of the Ashworth Encinitas Wing Tip is where this shoe really stands out.  The wing tip style offers sophistication while the blue stitching, laces, and sole say “check me out”.  Details in trim paired with texture variety create an outstanding ensemble.  These shoes look great with a pair of plaid wool slacks and offer a perfect transition from course to clubhouse.



On course performance of the Ashworth Encinitas Wing Tip is right in line for a spikeless shoe.  That being reasonable traction for normal conditions on a fairly flat course, but not as good as spiked when the conditions are challenging.  The sole design is unique in that it doesn’t clog up with loose grass or dirt like most spikeless shoes.  The shoes come with a 2-year waterproof warranty.



With the unmistakable wing tip silhouette, Ashworth Golf makes a bold statement adding blue stitching, laces, and spikeless sole.  These shoes are a great addition to a golfer’s shoe line up for when you really need to look good. But, because they run narrow, the Ashworth Encinitas Wing Tips don’t quite live up to the advertised “all day comfort” statement.

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  1. Michael Payne

    Love this review — Nice work Matt. I think the narrower forefoot will be perfect for my kids – who have narrow feet. Most golf shoes are like clogs on their feet — these should be great! They will love stylin’ about the course in these. Thanks for the review — I always like to stay Plugged IN! !

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