Antigua Spring ’17 Apparel Review

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Antigua’s Desert Dry and Performance 72 lines maintain the classic look synonymous with Antigua apparel, while providing top notch comfort and performance.  The new line delivers a high quality, high performance product that steps away from the budget golf apparel that Antigua is typically known for.

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If you’re looking for quality, performance spring apparel this season, look no further than Antigua’s Spring ’17 line.   The long time golf and tennis apparel company continues to put out a great product at reasonable prices.  While they may not have the flashiest of clothing, the Antigua lines maintain a traditional look, with all of the performance one would expect from a quality apparel manufacturer.  The Desert Dry Regime pullover and the Performance 72 Advance jacket from Antigua are no exception to this and should not be overlooked when shopping for new gear this spring.

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Performance is an area where most budget apparel companies usually come up way short.  Either the moisture-wicking fabrics aren’t up to par or the flexibility and “stretchy-ness” of the shirts just aren’t there.  In other words, they’re not comfortable for a golf swing.  The Regime pullover and Advance jacket both break the mold and deliver top tier quality and performance.

In regards to a pullover, the Regime was extremely lightweight yet did it’s job in the warmth category.  While I wouldn’t wear this in forty degree weather, I was very comfortable in a mid-50s afternoon here in Chicago, and the material kept me dry.  The other thing that really stood out was the flexibility of the pullover.  I had no issues whatsoever in regards to turning and felt zero restriction from the Regime.  As a guy who has a closet full of pullovers, the Regime hangs in there with the best of them.

I found similar success with the Advance jacket. The Advance jacket is much thicker than the Regime, gearing it towards the colder temperatures of those early morning spring rounds.  It provides ample warmth for those braving the cold for a round of damp, winter golf, while allowing you to still swing freely.  As with the Regime, good flexibility was there with the Advance jacket.

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Style & Fit

Although I’m not as stylish as our Bill Bush, I like to think I have decent taste when it comes to golf apparel.  In the past, Antigua might not have been near the top of my list in terms of being fashion forward on the links, but the new Spring lineup might change that.

The Regime is definitely my favorite of the two items I reviewed in terms of fit and style.  The two-tone color options give a little bit of style without being over the top.  The Regime has a slightly tailored fit, which is perfect for my athletic build, although I do feel it is on the short side in terms of length.  The Advance is on the baggy side, however, I expect that in a jacket so it doesn’t restrict the swing.  I also felt the length was a little short, similar to the Regime, although nothing drastic.

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At $83 and $98 for the Regime and Advance, Antigua has stepped outside of their traditional budget apparel lines and into the realm of high quality performance product.  While the Antigua Spring line has definitely stepped up to the plate with the Spring ’17 lineup, their prices are now putting them in direct competition with the larger brands you see week in and week out on Tour.

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