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The ALINE System insoles get your lower body aligned to allow for better, more powerful movement and fewer injuries.


As a proponent of barefoot shoes and barefoot running, I may not seem like someone who would wear insoles, but ALINEs are not your typical insoles.  As soon as the concept of ALINE was explained to me and I saw the results in the fitting, I have not been without them.  In this review, I’ll explain why I think all golfers would benefit from an ALINE fitting.

Disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been, a doctor, physical therapist, physical trainer, biomechanics expert, kinesiologist, or any other kind of certified expert on how the body works. As such, I am making no expert endorsement, only sharing my experience with a product that I have found really beneficial. 

ALINE Fitting Platform

ALINE Fitting

Just like golf clubs, fitting is essential with ALINEs.  The ALINE Fitting Station is shown above, and it’s essentially a platform that you stand on with alignment lasers.

First, the lasers show if you are in alignment when standing straight up.  In my first fitting, I passed that test.  Next, you perform a squat to see if you can maintain alignment in motion.  That’s where I failed.  The lasers clearly showed the my knees buckles in as I moved due to instability in my ankles.  The fitter slid some ALINE inserts under my feet, and instantly I was able to squat in perfect alignment.



How do ALINE insoles help me?  In short, I feel like I can create more power with less stress on my body.  When I workout in my ALINEs, I feel like I have better balance and more control of my body.  When I row, my times are better when I’m wearing my ALINEs.

Most importantly, I feel that they do help on the course.  My right knee is far less prone to “collapsing” in the back swing than it used to be, which leads to better contact, more consistent results, and more distance.  I’m also finishing rounds stronger, especially when walking, because my lower body doesn’t fatigue as easily.

Think of it this way: would you rather ride a bike that’s been freshly tuned-up or one with loose nuts and a sagging chain?  With ALINEs, I know my lower body is in the alignment it should be, and I can feel the difference.


Professional Endorsements

Just like the best golf equipment, ALINEs have Tour-validation.  Kevin Na, Bo Van Pelt, Rory Sabbatini, and DJ Trahan wear them on the PGA Tour, and ALINEs are also in play on the Champions Tour, the Futures Tour, and on the World Long Drive circuit.



As I said, it’s been over two years since I was first fit for ALINE insoles, and I haven’t been without them since.  My ALINEs jump from my work shoes to my gym shoes to my golf shoes and back again.  If you have pain or mobility issues, or if you just want to perform better, I would strongly recommend that you look into ALINEs to see if they can help you.

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