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Adidas S2G Golf Shoe Review

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The adidas S2G golf shoes are designed for seamless transitions between normal life and golf.  Athletic looking and comfortable.  Good traction and stability.

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“On and off the course.”  We say that a lot in reviews, and it seems to be trend that’s evolving into the norm.  The new adidas S2G golf shoes embody the concept.  The tagline says it all:  “It’s streetwear that plays.”


The S2G blends the looks of a court shoe and a running shoe.  The leather uppers with the second layer around the toe reminds me of a classic basketball shoe.  The wide and chiseled heel along with the sole wrapping up at the front is pure running shoe.

The nubs on the sole are what give the S2G a more golf-centric look.  I’m a fan of the gum color sole, and it pairs nicely with the “collegiate green” of the prominent adidas three stripes and heel highlights.  The S2G also comes in a similar collegiate blue, as well as all-white and mostly grey versions.  There are additional colorways in a model with a synthetic upper.

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Part of the appeal of an on and off the course shoe is all-day comfort.  Typical of leather shoes, the adidas S2G were somewhat stiff out of the box but still comfortable.  Both the insole and midsole cushioning leaned towards the firm side, but there was a responsive boost to each step.  And I enjoyed having a little wiggle room in the toe box.

The cut of the shoe, including the tongue, hit the front of my ankle a bit oddly at first.  That type of impression might have made me move on to another model if I were at a store trying on golf shoes.  Fortunately, the feeling dissipated with each wearing.  That said, if you plan to wear the S2G on a golf trip, be sure to give them some break in time first.

Overall, the size seemed true to my normal.  And since we get asked this question frequently, the S2G is indeed offered in wide.


I’d characterize traction as good for the category.  I liked that the sole was thin enough, and nubs soft enough, to provide plenty of flex for uneven surfaces.  That said, lateral stability was noteworthy – the S2G is clearly not just a running shoe with nubs.  The stability stems from a more rigid heel construction, as well as the width of the sole.

My testing was done during mild, southeast winter conditions, but I still felt the micro-holes in the midfoot and tongue provided breathability.  You may want to factor in those same holes if you’re considering the S2G because of its waterproof leather.


The adidas S2G golf shoes provide good, all-around golf-centric performance.  I also appreciated that they were conducive to wearing off the course – comfortable and secure while walking the aisles at the grocery store.  The athletic look makes the S2G perfect for wearing to the office when you are planning to sneak off for a quick nine.

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  1. There I was, shopping for a new cast iron skillet, and a spontaneous game of golf broke out. I didn’t have time to change my shoes, but luckily I always wear golf shoes. Who doesn’t have the 2 minutes it takes to change shoes when you get to the course?

  2. That’s the key and of guy that hates quietly played music on the course, a couple of beers, and fun.

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