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Adidas Rain.Rdy golf apparel helps to make the slog of playing in the rain enjoyable.  Performance, value, and style are all present throughout the collection. 

Adidas Rain.Rdy Apparel


You know you’re a dedicated golfer if you will stand in the rain and finish your round with a downpour going on around you.  While I’m not typically that type, I do understand the necessity.  Ultimately, you may need rain gear when you have a major trip that you can’t exactly take a rain check on.  Or, maybe you’re having the round of your life and you know you’ll have to finish!  Whatever the case, the fact is that apparel like Rain.Rdy is needed.  


When Adidas comes to mind, one of the first words that pop into my head is modern.  That remains true with their Rain.Rdy line of clothing.  The group features neutral tones that will pair with any number of other colors, which is a good thing seeing as they are layering pieces. 

The jacket comes in two colorways: tan (hemp) with black trim or black with white trim.  Meanwhile, the rain pants simply come in black.  Both items are utilitarian and contemporary, performing the job without any frill and minimal branding.  

Adidas Rain.Rdy Apparel sleeve


Like most rain apparel, the fit is a bit roomier to account for a layer or two of clothing underneath.  That holds true for both the pants and the jacket.  The feel of the outfit is soft and smooth.  Each features waterproof material that keeps water out.  The other thing that the materials keep out is sound.  One of my pet peeves around rain gear is that typically it is ridiculously noisy.  Thankfully, compared to much of the other rain clothing on the market, the Adidas Rain.Rdy apparel is delightfully quiet and not at all “crinkly” like can often be the case. 

The fit of both the jacket and pants are able to be fine-tuned as well.  The jacket can be adjusted at the wrists with velcro straps.  Those straps are able to be tightened to allow for an even more secure feel.  The pants are made noticeably easier to put on and off with zippers at the ankles.  Those zippers were extremely important for ease of putting on over another pair of pants, not to mention taking off after getting drenched on the course. 

Adidas Rain.Rdy Apparel


Performance, when judging rain gear is ultimately the most crucial part.  Very simply, it’s got to keep you dry.  The good news is, it succeeded at that objective.  Light and average rainfall simply bead off the material, and it really allows you to focus on the golf. 

Performance for apparel like this also comes in the form of other features, like pockets.  The jacket has two side pockets and one breast pocket with zippers.  The pockets also do a great job of keeping their contents dry.  

With that said, when it came to heavy rain, the jacket didn’t fully shield me.  As more and more water gets on the material, the color will darken slightly and absorb some.  While I didn’t feel wet, the material got heavier, and I did get colder.  To me, that didn’t matter as much considering I would sooner go to the 19th hole than play in truly heavy rain, but that could be a deciding factor for others.  

The other factor to keep in mind though is the performance for value.  Here is where Rain.Rdy shines.  Rain gear can be notoriously expensive, and the Rain.Rdy line is thankfully not.  The pants cost $180 and the jacket is $280. 

Adidas Rain.Rdy Apparel jacket


Golf has so many distractions as it is.  Add rain and this tough game becomes even harder.  The Adidas Rain.Rdy apparel helps to make it easier.  Whether you’re the type to sing and golf in the rain or if you just want to make the most out of the rainy trip to Scotland, Rain.Rdy has you, well, ready for the rain! 

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  1. Had to return rain rdy jacket as got thoroughly soaked after 9 holes. Waterproof not!!!

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