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adidas fleece apparel

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The 2022 Adidas Fleece apparel collection makes fleece young and fun again.  Slick fits and stylish, muted colors make being cozy and warm on the course a breeze in the chilly fall and winter weather.  


For the Adidas Fleece apprel, the word that comes to mind is versatile.  You could see someone wearing these clothes on the golf course, of course.  But moreover, you could also see someone wearing these everywhere else, too!  They dress up and down effortlessly and fit any occasion, whether a bar, club, restaurant, or grocery store. The collection features two jackets, a crewneck, and pants.  


Many think of fleece as an old-school material, but Adidas has embraced and rejuvenated it.  This line of clothing has a youthful, inclusive, and universal vibe.  Inclusive because of all of the people this line will work with, and inclusive in how many places you could wear this to.  

adidas fleece apparel jacket

The Chore Coat Jacket exemplifies that feeling.  It’s something multiple men and women have asked me where to get.  Ever since I got it to review, it’s become my go-to throw-on.  Not only because I feel confident in it, but also because it’s gotten more compliments in a couple of weeks than any jacket I can ever remember having.  

Another piece I admired was the Camo Texture-Print Crew Sweater.  Coming in both a traditional series of green and black or yellow and blue, this design is the most striking in the collection.  The rest of the collection features cool colors: navy, black, and brown.  


The fit is indeed fitted.  While we often associate cozy-feeling clothing with excess material, this collection achieves a pleasant feel through its snug fit and plush materials.  That sentiment is true whether discussing the pants or the tops.  The ankle of the pants and the wrists of the camo crew remained secure even during intense swinging.  Nearly every item in the lineup was without a flaw in feel. 

adidas fleece apparel jacket neck

The one critique in the line was with the Frost Guard Jacket.  While I didn’t have a negative thought about most of the items, there were times wearing the Frost Guard Jacket that I felt a bit constricted.  Specifically, it felt a bit tight in the construction around my neck and under my armpits.  I would still wear it out and about, but it’s not ideal for the movement of normal golfing swings.  

adidas fleece apparel sweater


The feeling of the whole collection was stellar.  Each item offered excellent mobility, softness, and a sense of coziness.  Despite golfing in chilly conditions, I felt as warm and comfortable as I do at home in my own bed under covers.  It was so comfortable, I found myself keeping these various pieces on after golf.  Moreover, I found myself wearing them during activities completely unrelated to golf.  

The solid performance wasn’t just with the crewneck or chore coat either.  The real difference-maker in the coldest of weather conditions were the Frost Guard Jacket and Frost Guard Pants.  Those items were undoubtedly the warmest.  The jacket, pants, and crewneck, all feature durable and water-resistant finishes that sufficiently wicked away the mist, rain, and even early-season snow.  

adidas fleece apparel pants


I think Adidas hit a hole-in-one for golfers with this lineup.  These items are fun and easy to wear.  They have absolutely established themselves in my own closet as items I grab regularly.  Maybe it’s time to switch out your own older fleece and give it a fresh update with Adidas’s take.  It has me excited to see where Adidas can take this classic material next. 

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  1. Looks like decent stuff but I actually have other clothes to wear when I’m “not” on the golf course. Absolutely don’t understand this current thinking wearing clothes on the course & then leaving the same ones on to go out on a date or w/ my buds.

    • Hey Michael,

      True. If you’ve got enough cash and/or space, sure… have separate and distinct outfits for everything! But anymore, it does seem there’s a trend to be more and more minimalistic or have items be multi-use. I’ve always had a preference for utility in more than just one circumstance.


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