adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA Golf Shoe Review

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The adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA spikeless golf shoes offer excellent comfort and performance.   A great fusion of stability and mobility.  BOA Fit System provides a precise, consistent fit.  Distinctive sleek modern, athletic look.


My fondness for adidas CODECHAOS spikeless golf shoes is no secret.  Ever since I slipped on my first pair from the original release in 2020 they get ample consideration each time I head out to play or practice.  The standard CODECHAOS 22 [full review HERE] was no exception, and has quickly become my favorite version to date.  So when the good folks at BOA gave Plugged In Golf the chance to review the new CODECHAOS 22 BOA, I jumped on the opportunity.


The CODECHAOS franchise has always been disruptive in the looks department, and the BOA 22 version elevates that distinction.  In place of the standard laces is a distinctive white zipper that really pops against the solid black uppers.  The L6 dial located just below the ankle opening on the side of the shoe in less obtrusive than I’ve encountered in other BOA golf shoes.  It could be the effect of black on black, but more likely just the purposeful location.

The side view also spotlights the wraparound outsole design elements, which adidas amplified for the 22 version.  The single Twist Grip wrap aligned at the ball of the foot has been replaced by three, larger segments.  And, at the heel, the plain overlay now includes more coverage as well as the traction elements.  Beyond just looking groovy, all combine to make a statement of “serious traction.”

The CODECHAOS 22 BOA are available in three colorways:  black, grey, and white.  Adidas has more creative color descriptors, so don’t let my simplified versions detract from the fact that all three look amazing.


With the zipper down and the dial disengaged (pulled out), slipping on the adidas CODECHAOS 22 BOA was easy.  My feet immediately enjoyed the inviting cushioning of the insole.  Pushing in the dial engaged the BOA Fit System, and I was instantly able to snug up, then fine tune the tightness.  The toe box offered a little wiggle room, without sacrificing a cozy fit.

Besides the speed and simplicity the BOA Fit System offers, I really enjoy the evenness it gives the fit.  And when I needed to make an adjustment mid-round, I was able to micro-tune the fit in the blink of an eye.

Walking in the shoes I immediately noted a slightly higher arch than in previous generations.  Besides being supportive, the arch seemed to assist in positioning my weight towards the outside of my heels in my golf stance.

The shoes flowed naturally while walking.   I love the responsive bounce the full-length BOOST midsoles provide.  I’ll get into the performance specifics in the next section, but it’s worth noting here that throughout a day on the golf course – walking, squatting to read a putt or swinging a driver for distances beyond reality – the CODECHAOS 22 BOA exude comfort.


I mentioned the additional Twist Grip elements on the sides of the CODECHAOS 22 BOA in the Looks section above, but adidas also added more across the heel and toe of the sole.  I’ve encountered several steep bank, awkward stance bunker shots where the full complement of grip elements paid dividends.

I was surprised not to find the torsion X stability bar in the CODECHAOS 22 BOA, but I applaud adidas for the new design – the differences are subtle but effective.  There’s now more midfoot torsional flex, which for me enhances transitional footwork.   And as a side bonus – literally – the enhanced wraparound segments also augment lateral stability.

The uppers, which are made from a minimum of 50% recycled content, have a waterproof coating that had raindrops rolling off the shoes.  The material was also easy to clean – and not having white laces will allow these shoes to remain spiffy looking for a long time.  Although there are a lot of traction elements, they don’t seem to retain dirt, grass or leaves.  A few stomps on the ground, and I’m ready for the clubhouse.

The CODECHAOS 22 BOA feature a textile lace (TX4 for you BOA connoisseurs), a soft alternative to the wires I’ve previously encountered.  And if you’re concerned about strength and longevity, know that all the components of the BOA Fit System are guaranteed for life. 


Integration of the BOA Fit System creates a sleek, distinctive look that makes the CODECHAOS 22 BOA even more modern and athletic looking than the standard model.  Comfort is simply excellent, and I haven’t encountered a spikeless golf shoe with better traction.  This from BOA is a great way to close this review: “Micro-adjustable precision fit for improved power and responsiveness. Engineered for confidence – built to perform when every moment matters.”


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  1. Best shoes I’ve owned, they are perfect.

  2. One tip for the reviewers, why not show how the shoe looks looking down at them on your feet when golfing or walking? Maybe how it sits with the hem of the pants?


  3. can you adjust the tightness of this shoe? its too tight and i need to loosen it some

    • Matt Meeker

      Regardless of the lacing system, any shoe has a baseline max. Materials may stretch, but if your fit is too tight right from the start, you may need a wider shoe.

      – Meeks

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