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50 Words or Less

The Adams XTD driver has one of the hottest faces out there.  Departure from the white paint.  Beast of a club.


Year in and year out, Adams Golf always manages to pique my interest with the new clubs they bring to market.  After having success with previous generations of XTD clubs, Adams introduced a new line of matte black woods which include one of the hottest drivers on the market and we were more than happy to take the XTD driver for a spin.

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Adams went through a stretch of silver club heads which were followed by white versions which was all the rage of 2011-2013.  2013 and 2014 saw the return of black club heads and the XTD driver, as well as the rest of woods, sports a really slick matte black crown with no markings except for the Cut-Thru Slot.  On the sole, you’ll find minimal branding, the bottom Cut-Thru Slot, and one stand-alone weight.

The shape of the XTD driver is really nice.  The club doesn’t look large and overwhelming but still has enough size to give you confidence and frame the ball nicely.  The face has what I would call medium depth – I wouldn’t call it small, but it isn’t one of these monstrously deep faces that are popping up these days.  At address, this is one of the most inviting driver heads I have ever seen in golf.

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Sound & Feel

The theme of this review seems to be that the Adams XTD driver is hot.  At impact, the XTD driver gives you a very explosive sound like a rocket.  That’s not to say that it’s an obnoxiously loud sound (it’s not), but the ball really sounds like it fires hard off the face.  I would describe the tone as “a solid whack with a little pop.”

The XTD driver has a very specific feeling.  You guessed it…hot!  When you catch a shot right in the middle, you will be hard pressed to find a driver out there that has a more explosive feel.  The toe and heel lose a lot of the explosive feeling, but still deliver impressively forgiving results with minimal distance loss.

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Hitting the new Adams XTD driver felt like a rebirth of sorts for Adams.  I wouldn’t tell you that Adams necessarily needed a club that was a departure from their previous offerings, but this was a very refreshing driver to hit.  First, the club is flat out hot which leads to great ball speeds and solid distance.  Admittedly, it took me a bit to dial the XTD into the correct settings for me, but when I lofted up from 9º to 10.5º, I found that my stats evened out and I was able to put a nice ball down range.  I found that I was getting a little bit of extra spin, but I’m not concerned about the XTD driver head being the cause of that issue (I was using a new shaft that didn’t suit me too well).  That said, I don’t feel my spin lead to any significant distance loss whatsoever.

Adams takes great care to make sure that every XTD driver that leaves production is “hot” and full of distance.  First, the new XTD driver features the trademarker Cut-Thru slot which creates more ball speed across the entire face, not just the sweet spot.  Not only is the XTD driver designed to be a hot driver, but Adams tests every single head four times to ensure that every face is as hot as possible while maintain all USGA legalities.  This inspection process gives Adams some of the tightest production tolerances in the entire golf industry and it pays off in one of the best drivers they’ve ever made.

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2014 is a great time in golf history to buy golf equipment.  Obviously there are a lot of choices to make when you’re trying to select the perfect club, but companies like Adams Golf stick to basic principles that put a focus on engineering and R&D to gain results rather than gimmicks.  The Cut-Thru Slot technology creates a hot face right at the limits of USGA rules (yes, it’s still legal) and give the golfer higher ball speeds and greater distances which should make the Adams XTD driver an easy choice for a front runner.

Price & Specs

The Adams XTD driver retails for $400.

It is available in 9***, 10.5, and 12 with the Matrix Red Tie as the stock shaft.

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  1. Spiro Papadimos

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback, comparing the Adams XTD driver to the Taylor Made Jet Speed Driver. I have been hitting the Jet Speed driver have not been satisfied (inconsistent and not forgiving, but reasonably long). I am considering replacing the Jet Speed with the XTD, but am requesting your feedback. I am also considering the Adams Speedline Super S driver, but think that the XTD would be a better club in terms of consistency and distance and forgiveness. Thank you.

    • If I’m perfectly honest, I can’t really speak to that club comparison, but I don’t think the XTD driver is that forgiving. I tried multiple shafts in the XTD head and it was always a battle for me. Having no real experience with Jetspeed, I don’t know how it stacks up in terms of consistency, distance, and forgiveness. I will say that when you get the XTD in the sweet spot, it does go. I’d also suggest lofting up with the XTD.

      I apologize if that doesn’t really provide the clarity you’re looking for, but I want to convey that I don’t think the XTD falls into the group you’re looking for.



  2. Bill, Bought the Adams XTD driver simply on the advice of a friend. Watched your video and if his recommendation is as good as your expertise in rating clubs, I’ll be a winner on the course. Still a lot of snow on the ground here in Chicago, but spring on the way. Thanks for the video.

  3. What shaft did you end up testing the driver with? I know it comes with the Matrix red tie as standard. I was looking at getting one of these. I have a swing speed of about 113 and am guessing I should look at the X-stiff maybe? Tough when a lot of places around here just have senior-stiff.

    • I used an x-flex after-market shaft. I would tell you that 113 mph is likely going to be best with X-flex, but it will all depend on the shaft and how it fits your swing.

  4. I just purchased the Adams XTD in a 10.5 degree head. Found it used at
    play it again sports. It had a ust shaft in it, but I replaced with a Oban Kiyoshi Black 05(X) flex- Wow this thing is amazing. My swing speed stays around 110 when in control. Easy tight controlled Draws. When I lowered the loft 1.5 degrees ball flight changed to straight to slight fade. But the feel and sound is as good or better then any driver I had before including the SLDR which I took the shaft from!!!!! 7hcp

  5. I bought the Adams XTD this spring and it has been the hottest driver I have ever owned. I am 57 and the ball explodes off the club face. I find it very easy to shape shots and picked up 15 yards off the Callaway Xhot Driver I was using and much easier to hit.

  6. I have just purchased a xtd driver primarily because it is adjustable. My question concerns the weight on the bottom. What is the purpose and is that adjustable also. Thanks.

    • The weight is there to influence the center of gravity (which will in turn have an impact on trajectory) as well as overall feel and swingweight. It is adjustable in the sense that if you got a different size weight and had the right wrench (not the same as the shaft adjusting wrench) then you would be able to swap it out.

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