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The ActivMotion Bar is a unique yet simple piece of fitness equipment that teaches you to focus and better control your body, taking your golf game to the next level.  The workouts are to the point and offer a surprising level of variety.


Balance, core strength, and stability are pillars of golf fitness.  It may be entertaining to watch Adam Scott lift weights while standing on a Swiss ball, but most recreational golfers would sooner meet their demise than knock a stroke off of their handicap doing such a stunt.  Fitness expert Derek Mikulski has developed a way for ordinary golfers to get the benefits of advanced workouts without the risk: the Activmotion Bar.

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What Is It?

The ActivMotion Bar is hollow with internal weights that slide back and forth as the bar is moved or turned, creating dynamic resistance.  The five-foot bar comes in 6 different weights, from 4.5 to 18 pounds, and there are several DVD workouts, including one that is golf specific.

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General Fitness

At first glance, the ActivMotion Bar seems too simple to provide a workout that is much different from anything else.  After attempting to do the Level 1 DVD workout while carrying on a conversation, it was easy to see that this was not the case.  The continuous fluctuation of the weights requires that you keep your core and your mind enagged – much like a yoga workout but without the bare feet and other hippie stuff.  If you lose your focus, the bar will gently but quickly remind you to get back on track.  Such mental training will come in handy when your mind starts to wander on the course.

The workouts also hit all the major muscle groups in no longer than 30 minutes per workout, but if you are looking to majorly overhaul your body, there should be more to your plan.  This is more than a walk in the park, but it isn’t likely to make you very sweaty or sore, which may be an advantage depending on your goals.  That said, the workouts are loaded with variety, and there is plenty of room to progress as you grow more accustomed to the bar.  Aside from the leveled workouts and different bar weights, there are usually three significant variations for each move, and you can actively tilt the bar to create more of a challenge for yourself.  Just because this isn’t an intense workout doesn’t mean there isn’t a high ceiling of difficulty.

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Golf Fitness

While the ActivMotion Bar can be used to improve overall fitness, the company also puts a lot of focus on golf-specific uses.  In addition to the Golf Fitness DVD, the company has created a golf-specific ActivMotion Bar that can be kept in your golf bag.  This “swing stick” is shorter than the normal ActivMotion Bar and weighs only 4.5 pounds.  The benefits of using the ActivMotion Bar for your warm up are significant.  In a study at the University of Michigan, it was found that the ActivMotion Bar activated key areas up to 200% more than other training aids or warm up tools.  For more information on why you want to warm up instead of doing traditional stretching, check out this article from the Titleist Performance Institute.

The two things that I really like about the ActivMotion Bar as it relates to golf fitness are the instability and the focus on mind-body connection.  Dealing with dynamic, unstable loads is key for golf fitness because golf is not always played under perfect conditions.  You need to be able to adapt to different stances, lies, and conditions and still make a good swing, which the ActivMotion Bar can help you to do.  Additionally, training with the ActivMotion Bar will enhance the connection between your mind and body.  You will develop a greater sense of where your body is in space because many of the motions are done slowly with a focus on controlling the weight in the bar and keeping it centered.  This will have a direct impact on your ability to know, and adjust, your swing.

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The ActivMotion Bar is a simple, innovative concept that can help get your mental and physical game in shape.  Serious and recreational golfers alike will find this workout to be a challenging, safe, and unique way to improve your focus, core strength, and body awareness.  There is a 30-day money back guarantee, and basic golf and home fitness packages include a bar and one or two DVDs for $120-$160, depending on the bar weight.

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