ACCRA iCWT 95 Graphite Iron Shaft Review

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The ACCRA iCWT 95 graphite iron shafts offer excellent performance and the consistent feel throughout your set that constant weight shafts provide.  When your playing partners notice the simple matte black finish and see you hitting more greens they’ll be asking, “Hey what are those?”

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ACCRA is one of those brands not every golfer has heard of because their shafts are not available in irons or drivers straight from manufacturers.  Focusing on shaft performance for the high-end aftermarket, ACCRA has become a standard offering for professional club fitters around the world.  In addition to being found in more and more recreational golfers’ bags, ACCRA shafts are increasingly being used by tour players – the real mark of success in the golf industry.

To broaden its iSeries line of iron shafts, ACCRA Golf created the iCWT Prototype to offer a constant weighting product.  The ACCRA iCWT 95 shafts come in discrete lengths that each weigh, as you may have guessed, 95 grams.  The ACCRA iCWT Prototype is engineered using high modulus composite materials to ensure consistent performance.  And to ensure they meet their stringent manufacturing specifications, ACCRA employs a machine they call S3 (Shaft Simulation System) for state of the art quality control.

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The ACCRA iCWT 95 shafts have a wonderful, distinctive matte black finish.  Branding is limited to a couple of simple silver bands.  The prototype designation makes you feel like you’ve landed some exclusive gear.  And to add to the cool factor, you can have your shafts personally engraved.  There are other simple black shafts out there, but the matte finish really makes the iCWT stand apart.

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The first thing I noticed with the ACCRA iCWT 95 in my irons was the overall weight.  Coming off 110 gram steel shafts in my gamers, the irons had a pleasant, lighter feel.  And more remarkable was the instant clarity on where the head was during the swing.  Both those factors had me swinging more easily.  The more balls I hit, the more comfortable my swing felt which quickly translated to better shots.  And to confirm a commonly touted attribute of graphite – yes, vibrations in your hands are definitely lessened.

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Looks and feel are important, but performance is what we’re all after at the end of the day.  The ACCRA iCWT shafts are advertised as mid-launch and mid-spin, and I found them to be just that.  Launch angle was similar to my steel shafts, but the apex was higher and they were carrying further.  A great example is a lake-fronted par 3 at my home course on which I’d routinely been hitting 5 iron.  If I didn’t catch the very front of the green, my ball would inevitably run off the back and down a swale, setting up for a difficult up and down.  With the ACCRA iCWT 95, I’m now hitting 6 iron and sticking the landing.

At Club Champion here in Orlando, master club fitter Rob Stumpf checked out the numbers on Trackman and confirmed my field observations.  To my surprise, the decrease in shaft weight had not increased my swing speed.  The boost I had observed was the result of increased ball speed which equated to higher trajectory and longer carry.  With the great feel discussed above, I have a strong hunch that my swing speed could be improved with a little more time in the ACCRA iCWT 95 shafts.

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The ACCRA iCWT Prototype 95 should definitely be given consideration by any golfer contemplating new shafts in the mid-launch category.  The ACCRA iCWT 95 allowed me to swing rhythmically with an increase in performance.  The results are so good, I’ve given them permanent residence in my set.   It was an eye-opener to learn that shafts properly fit four years ago weren’t the best for me now.  It’s a reminder that not only does shaft technology get better but that your swing can change with time.  Even if you aren’t looking for a shaft change or buying new irons, my experience at Club Champion tells me you might find it worthwhile to go through a proper fitting just to check your current performance numbers.

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  1. Wondering how these would compare with the Recoil 95?

    • Matt Meeker

      Thanks for reading the review Wally. I don’t have any hands on experience with the UST Recoil 95 shafts, but please note those are not constant weight. Feel will be different than the Accra iCWT 95s.

      • Thanks for the reply Matt: What are the advantages on a constant weight vs a shaft like the recoil? With the recoil the weight increases as the torque decreases, with the ICWT 95, everything is constant. I can see these shafts in a nice smooth swing versus my fast swing.

        • Matt Meeker


          It’s fantastic that you are delving into numbers and learning about all the dynamics involved in shafts. To give your question a proper response would be a feature article on it’s own. Regardless it emphasizes the need to engage a professional fitter in person to determine what is best for your swing. Being able to “talk” the fitters language will enhance your experience, so I applaud your knowledge quest.

          Your final sentence is a perfect example of why it’s impossible to provide fitting advice on our site, and frankly on any site. To me Adam Scott has a smooth and fast swing. My guess is your fast equals quick. My fault is going quick at the top of the swing while others are jerky at the bottom.

          Happy Masters Monday,


  2. I am going to give these a try next time I change.

  3. john camarena


    • Matt Meeker


      I’m not quite sure what you are asking, but I’ll give it my best shot. The iCWT line from ACCRA is designed for irons. And lighter shafts often work well for senior players. But there’s a big difference between senior Gary Player and senior Steve Stricker and average senior Joe Smith. A fitter like Club Champion will allow you to try the shafts in whatever iron head you’d like. Fitting = Performance.

      Keep swinging,

      Matt M

  4. Hi , I’m a 50 y.o. 1 hcp player , I have always played steel shaft , from 130 to my last 105 grams . Accra cw 95 is my last discover, less effort more distance is the formula , they have changed my tempo , I have soft tipped the icw 105 for my 9 and pw irons to get more stability , because 9 was drawing too much . I suggest everyone to give a try working with a club fitter/maker.

  5. Randy Nelson

    How do these shaft compare to Steelfiber i95?

    • I don’t have any experience with the Steelfiber shafts Randy. Hit them both if you can and let us know your results.

      – Meeks

  6. i just bought used 0311 XF Gen II with Accra 80 i shaft.
    is Accra 80 i shaft graphite?
    is it reg flex?

    thank you, tim

    • Matt Meeker

      Yes, that is indeed a graphite shaft. But I can’t answer the flex question because ACCRA manufacturers the shaft such that the club fitter/builder can trim the shafts for desired flex.

      – Meeks

  7. Denny Zimmer

    I am a 68 year old senior player. I carry a 10 handicap, certified. I used a club fitter in Florida who is currently rebuilding my irons with Accra shafts. I picked up 20 yards a club with greater accuracy. I am truly impressed with this shaft and the club fitter. I would buy another set of irons without using a fitter.

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