2021 PXG Spring/Summer Golf Apparel Review

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The 2021 Spring/Summer apparel collection from PXG puts the focus on Paratrooper Blue to brighten the standard black and white color scheme.  Light weight pieces are ideal for warm weather.

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As Dylan has been sharing with us in his reviews [find them HERE], PXG’s GEN4 golf clubs continue to push the envelope for performance.  And while Dr. Bob Parsons tries to make the best clubs in the game, his wife, Renee, aims to make PXG as well known for their apparel as their equipment.


When it comes to PXG’s golf clubs or apparel, you know you’re going to get a lot of black and white.  For spring/summer 2021, Paratrooper Blue has been added for jolt of energy and vibrance.  Regular readers will accurately guess that this color combination suits me to a T.  I prefer timeless pieces to being “on trend,” and it’s hard to go wrong with black, white, and blue.

In the new collection, most of the men’s pieces dial the branding down to a fairly minimal level.  The three pieces that I tested had a small logo on either the collar or the chest.  What I like is that the logos are applied in unique ways, like the embossed logo on the color of the Checkered Polo or the gradient logo on the Essential Base Layer (above).

While most of the pieces in this collection go for a more classic look, bolder golfers will want to check out the Fairway Camo polo.  This design is built around the actual fairways at Scottsdale National Golf Club.


PXG has done two things for the Spring/Summer collection that are unequivocal wins for the wearer.  First, they’re offering every polo in Comfort Fit and Athletic Fit.  The Athletic Fit, shown in this review, has a tapered fit through the waist.  For me – 6′, 192 lbs – the Athletic Fit in a medium is exactly what I want in a golf shirt.  It’s fitted but not restrictive.

The other great addition is True Fit.  True Fit is the best online size estimator I’ve seen, taking into account not only your height and weight but your size preference in other brands.  True Fit is not available on every piece in the new line, but I found it to be spot on for the pieces I checked.


As an Arizona based company, PXG knows about golfing in the heat, and that shows in their apparel.  Every piece that I tested – even the vest – is light weight, an essential characteristic when the temperature rises.  Both the Checkered Polo and Essential Base Layer also offer sun protection, UPF 50+, and are highly breathable and quick drying.  For golfing in warm weather, you can’t do much better.

The other key component to modern golf apparel is stretch.  Both of the aforementioned pieces have two-way stretch which combines with the excellent fit to allow you to swing away.  The Color Block Swing Vest also has a little stretch to it.  Like the other pieces, is thoughtfully designed to stay out of the way of your swing.


Just like their GEN4 golf clubs, PXG’s latest apparel does not come cheap.  But, like the clubs, the performance of these pieces will make them a worthwhile indulgence for some golfers.  Offering two fits makes PXG’s apparel wearable for more players, and the classic color combination will look great for many seasons.


Matt Saternus

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