2023 A/W PXG Golf Apparel Review

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The 2023 A/W PXG Golf Apparel collection pairs PXG’s timeless style with highly functional pieces that will help extend your season.  Great on and off course wearability.


With their latest collection, PXG is showing the golf world that they put as much effort into their apparel as they do their clubs.  This autumn/winter line demonstrates the brand honing in on a balanced approach to style that can work for any golfer.  More importantly, they’ve developed great cold-weather gear to keep you on the course when the temperatures drop.


With PXG apparel, you know that black and white are always going to be the foundational colors.  For the 2023 A/W collection, they’ve added polos in light blue, aubergine (seen here), and military green.  While some golfers may thirst for more color, I enjoy the fact that PXG apparel goes with anything.  Also, black and white never go out of style, so you don’t have to worry about your favorite piece looking dated.

Beyond the colors, the 2023 A/W PXG golf apparel collection is a mix of basics and bolder styles.   The most extreme piece is the Iron Print Polo [check it out HERE].  While it’s definitely not for everyone…and probably not for most…the boldest PXG Troops will love it.  The majority of the pieces in this collection are more classic – the polos are primarily solids and most of the outerwear has just one standout detail.


My favorite thing about PXG golf apparel remains that they offer polos in “Comfort” and “Athletic” fits.  To me, it’s the obvious answer to the problem of golfers wanting and needing different things from their golf shirt.  The Athletic fit has sleeves that hit mid-bicep, a length that can be worn tucked in or loose, and no excess material around the middle.  Short of going completely bespoke, I can’t imagine a better fitting golf shirt.

The two pieces of outerwear that I tested – the Grid Pattern Packable Vest and the Plush Full-Zip Hoodie – are sized very well for their function.  I tested the vest in a medium – the same size as my polo – and it fit comfortably without making me feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.  The hoodie – tested in size large – could comfortably fit over one or two base layers but isn’t too baggy.

Finally, I tested the PXG Plush Jogger in size large.  I normally wear pants at 32″ X 32″, and these fit very comfortably.  They have an elastic waistband with a drawstring, so there’s a lot of margin for error in the sizing (per PXG’s sizing chart, large is intended for a 36″-38″ waist).  PXG states that every size has a 31″-32″ inseam, and these joggers covered my entire leg without exposing my ankles.


For several years, I’ve been noting that PXG’s golf apparel is among the best when the temperature rises [S/S apparel review HERE].  The 2023 A/W collection demonstrates that they’ve also learned how to conquer the colder temperatures, too.

The 2023 A/W version of PXG’s Athletic Fit BP Signature Polo is just about perfect for a fall golf shirt.  What I noticed first was the weight.  It’s clearly heavier than their S/S polos, but it retains the stretch and moisture wicking so you don’t feel like you’re playing golf in an old wool sweater.  It also has great stretch, so you can swing without feeling encumbered by your shirt.

Both the Plush Jogger and Plush Full-Zip Hoodie deliver a lot of warmth without being too heavy.  They’re also made of breathable material, so you don’t have to choose between freezing and being overheated.  Finally, unlike many warmer items, these pieces have some stretch, so every layer of your clothing will move with your swing.

Lastly, while many golfers regard fall as quarter-zip season, I stan for vests.  The Grid Pattern Packable Vest keeps your core warm and eliminates any questions about proper sleeve length.  It’s also water resistant, which comes in handy if you’re caught in a fall shower.

Additionally, the vest has “Packable” in the name because it can be stashed in this small drawstring bag (included with purchase).  Weighing less than a pound, this is the perfect item to toss into your bag if you’re worried about getting cold at the tail end of your twilight round.


With every collection, PXG golf apparel takes over more and more of my golf wardrobe.  Their latest A/W collection shows that they can deal with the cold as well as the heat, and these pieces will see as much wear off the course as on.

Check out PXG Golf Apparel HERE

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  1. It’s not addressed here but I think it should be – PXG apparel is not cheap. One could say overpriced depending on your perspective. $145 for a long sleeve polo. $110-$125 for a basic polo. $225 for a shell jacket. There has to be a discussion on price as that’s a major component in deciding whether to buy something or not.

  2. Sort of agree on above comment however checking Peter Millar’s site now, long sleeve polo lists at $115-125. Short sleeve polos $95-125. PXG line is obviously not for everyone however after being at a local PXG store recently I did try on some of their clothing and I will say it made of quality.

  3. Alex karpowicz

    The belt on the pxg golf pants didn’t hold my pants up and I had to take them to a tailor to have loops sewn on,$$. The red and black short sleeved golf shirt looked worn after one round!

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