2020 Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

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The new 2020 Titleist AVX golf ball continues to pair low spin in the long game with high spin in the short game.  Ideal for high spin players or those seeking a lower, stronger ball flight.


First released in 2018, the AVX golf ball gave Titleist loyalists a low spin distance ball that still packed short game spin.  It also confused consumers, leading to questions like, “Is this better or worse than the ProV1?”  The answer is neither: it’s a premium, urethane-covered golf ball that’s an alternative to the ProV1, another fitting option.  I took a look at the redesigned 2020 version of the AVX to see how they improved on the initial offering.


The original AVX was an interesting study in feel.  On the greens, it was very similar to the ProV1.  With anything from a wedge to the driver, it felt substantially softer than the ProV1.

With the 2020 version, the feel with wedges, irons, and driver remains softer than the ProV1.  It’s not a marshmallow by any means, but it’s clearly softer than most other tour balls.  I particularly enjoyed the wedge feel – a dull, soft “thud.”

On the green, the 2020 AVX is on the soft end of the Tour ball spectrum.  It’s not mushy, the sound is a solid “thud,” but it’s noticeably softer than a ProV1x.  Comparing the new AVX to the older version with a putter, I struggled to find a difference.  I hit dozens of putts looking for something, but they were essentially identical to me.

Long Game

The primary focus of the 2020 Titleist AVX is more distance.  Titleist states that the core is larger which promotes more ball speed.  Additionally, a new dimple design is intended to create a low, penetrating ball flight.  Since you can see the snow in the picture above, you can assume that my testing of the 2020 Titleist AVX was limited to the launch monitor, so I didn’t get to see on course performance with wind.

In my launch monitor testing, I found that the new AVX had the same excellent ball speed as the previous version.  While I don’t doubt that there is a measurable difference between the two, my very human driver swing did not produce a consistent, noticeable gap.  Driver spin was lower than the ProV1, but not uncontrollable, knuckle ball low.

With the irons, the 2020 AVX creates excellent ball speed and spins slightly less than a ProV1.  For me, a low spin player, the gap was only a few hundred RPM, but higher spin players may see a bigger difference.  If you’re looking to pick up a few yards in your irons or strengthen your ball flight, the AVX could be perfect for you.

Short Game

To accommodate the larger core, the urethane cover of the 2020 Titleist AVX is thinner.  Titleist states that this provides “more precise control on scoring shots around the green.”

In my wedge testing of the old AVX against the new version, I found that both had similar peak spin numbers, but the new model had higher average spin.  Again, I’m very human so it’s possible the new AVX simply got my better swings, but my impression is that the newer AVX made it easier to squeeze all the short game spin out of each shot.


The 2020 Titleist AVX is an excellent golf ball for the player seeking lower spin in the long game and high spin in the short game.  This new version is an incremental improvement over the original, a difference I found more noticeable in the short game.  Many weekend golfers will also enjoy the softer feel in the long game.

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  1. I thought the original AVX was so horrible around the greens, I couldn’t see why anyone would pick it over the ProV. It was like chipping with a Superball. I played one sleeve and that was enough for me. Sounds like this new one might be a little better, but likely not enough for me.

  2. Matt, thanks for the review. It doesn’t sound like the differences between the 1st gen and the newer version would be all that meaningful for me (12 index).

    That said, I will do a comparison on Trackman in a week or so and report back.

  3. I have played with these Titleist AVX balls and just love them. I’m now 58 and I need all the help to keep up with the young guys I play golf with, some are at least 10 years younger. Hope to receive a free box to play with in the future.

  4. Russell Creamer

    I found a Titleist golf ball on the course and used it for the last couple of times before cold weather set in. I picked up an average of 10+ yards on my drives. Short game improved also, I bought a dozen of them and can’t wait to play when weather allows.

  5. Russell Creamer

    It was a Titleist AVX golf ball that I found. Forgot to name type.



    • Matt Saternus


      The AVX is a good ball for anyone who wants low spin in the long game with good spin in the short game.



  7. I switched from prov1 to Bridgestone XS and now to the AVX. I have been playing them for about 4 months and see no reason to change at this point. Originally tried them when I got a new M5 driver and my launch was too high even with the loft turned all the way down. These helped flatten out the driver a bit and I can still hit high spinning irons. Love them!

  8. I have been playing the avx thru the winter months and find it good. Even better than the softer published competition which is recommended for 82 yr old 9 handicap distance is a premium

  9. William Green

    I found an AVX looking for my ball in the treeline. I said to myself “what the heck is this, I’ve never heard of this ball.” I proceeded to play the ball for the rest of my round. With five holes remaining I shot 2 under. I loved it. The next day I went out and bought a dozen and have been playing them every since.

  10. I’ve been playing the AVX for one year and the low spin and extra distance with my driver are real. I gained 10 yards in carry and by trajectory is lower as I am a high ball hitter. At 73 my ball speed is 134 to 139 due to who shows up on the tee that day. Overall performance with this ball with irons, chipping, pitching and putting provides a good feel. It will roll out more as noted in your review so choice of clubs and what type of shot needs to be practiced. Since I’m a Titelist guy I’m pleased they developed this ball.

  11. Matt – thx for the review. Pls tell us how the driver spin compared for the old vs new AVX. Al

  12. I am a 14 handicapper with a 90 mph swing and have used the AVX exclusively since the summer of 2018. It has given me 10 yards at least with my driver and is a wonderful golf ball. However, it does not spin or check like a Pro V1 at all on chip shots , and I am hoping the new 2020 model addresses this. Either way, I love this ball.

  13. I am 57 and a 9 handicap. Was a ProVX user but would sometimes go back to Bridgestone which seems to have a tougher cover therefore lasts longer. Tried the AVX about a month ago (2019 version) and have been real happy with trajectory, distance and yes, feel around the greens. I do chip everything with my 56 degree and if you keep your grooves clean it will spin nicely. Last week I had a 20 yard shot to par 4 after long drive and had to carry a bunker to downhill from pin location. The ball checked nice and friends were amazed i could get it to check on that downhill. I have not tried the 2020 version because the older generation is only $39 per box which is a great price point. Perhaps once I try new version I will be hooked but for now, I am an AVX man!!

  14. For me the AVX works well I have noticed a little more distance all round I use a low spin driver so benefit from a lower ball flight both ways as I play on a windy course so get a low flight that runs but still get get control into greens. Around the greens you can be positive and still get spin remember to get spin to also need a good quality wedge with clean groves to create spin it’s not only the ball. For me the AVX is a good alternative to the PROV pair as they went about the same just went a little higher bloon affect so if you haven’t got the club head speed and want a few more yards with control then the alternative is the AVX but stick with it you wont notice the difference at first but when you button one off the tee you with the lower ball flight and knock it past your mate. Then they take notice.

  15. I have use the Pro V1 since it was launched. A couple of months ago I found an AVX that I used for 3-4 rounds and was amazed at the difference in feel and the gain in distance (I am a 6hcp and 65 years old). I went out and bought a couple of boxes and have only played it since. Most of my rounds and competitions I shot 72-75 and I am enjoying the feel so much more than the Pro V1. I would recommend all good players who have lost swing speed due to age or injuries who still play with the Pro V1, to try this ball. It may just give you more pleasure and better scores.

  16. jeff harris

    About two years ago a friend of mine have me a dozen of the green avx balls and I found that I liked them a lot. After I lost all of those I went back to my standard of playing whatever I find. So…. Fast forward to two weeks ago when I decided to buy a dozen. For starters, I’ve played 5 – 1/2 rounds with one ball! That’s incredible in itself but to add to that I can hardly tell the difference between that ball and one that hasn’t even been used. No scuffs, no damage, nothing. LOVE THIS BALL!

  17. Purchased 2 boxes of the yellow abc (9/7/21. Noticed the box did not have a new label on it. Asked the salesman when I purchased the balls he stated that they were. But some how I feel they are not the new version. I want the. Improved ball not the older one as the improvements are a plus.

  18. 82 years old – play in high 80’s – how do AVX compare to Tour Soft (Titleist) –

  19. Matt – I was playing the AVX in 50%, cloudy weather (in AZ last week) and was losing significant distance with all clubs. Switched to ProV1x on the last 2 holes and the MIA yardage was much better. Am a 6 index. Is it possible the lower compression ball is more affected in 50 degree weather? Thanks, SDavis

    • Matt Saternus


      I think it’s more likely that the lower spin was suboptimal for you from a distance perspective.



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