2019 TaylorMade P790 Irons Review

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The 2019 TaylorMade P790 irons are the sequel to one of the best performing irons of the last few years.  Excellent ball speed.  Low spin.

Check out the 2023 TaylorMade P790 Irons HERE


If you were making a list of the irons that have made the biggest impact over the last few years, the 2017 TaylorMade P790 would need to be on it (review HERE).  It was one of the first and most successful examples of a distance iron that looks like a players iron.

For 2019, TaylorMade has released a new version of the P790 irons.  Are the changes significant enough to merit an upgrade?  We tested them to find out.


At a glance, the new P790 is indistinguishable from the original P790.  A closer look reveals that the toe port on the new version is larger and closer to the sole.  Also, the new version eschews the “TaylorMade” logo for the simple “T”.  The hollow body design makes it look like a high tech blade in the bag.

From the address position, the new P790 irons has a medium-thick top line and average offset for a game improvement iron.  To my eye, the new version is a little boxier around the top line than the original, but that difference is minor.  Within the game improvement realm, these are good looking irons.

Sound & Feel

On center and off, the word that the TaylorMade P790 brings to mind is “snappy.”  With a premium ball, a pure strike has a crisp, fairly loud snap at impact.  When you miss, the snap is even louder.

Relative to other forgiving irons, the P790 has good feedback through the hands.  It’s not the kind of pinpoint feel you get from a players iron, but it’s more than enough to know if and how you missed the shot.


The standout feature of the 2019 TaylorMade P790 iron is distance.  The primary driver of that distance is ball speed.  In an iron market that is loaded with fast irons, the P790 is near the very top in terms of ball speed.  On center, there may not be a faster iron, and it does a very good job with mishits as well.

While more ball speed is unambiguously positive, the other factor in producing long iron shots – low spin – is not.  The P790 is one of the lowest spinning irons that I’ve tested.  If you’re losing distance and control because of high spin, the P790 will be a godsend.  However, for low or average spin players, those extra yards may not be worth it if your shots can’t hold a green.

Having hit the original P790, the ball speed and distance of the new version did not surprise me.  The solid forgiveness did not surprise me.  I had seen those things in the previous version.  What I wanted to know was whether anything was noticeably different in the new version.  My answer is no.  This is a very good iron, but it’s not significantly better or different than the original.


If you’re looking for one of the longest irons in golf, you’ll find it in the 2019 TaylorMade P790.  For an iron that looks this good, the speed and forgiveness are really impressive.  But if you’re hoping that this new version is a significant improvement on the original, you’re going to be disappointed.

2019 TaylorMade P790 Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus



    Thanks, you just saved me $1300. I bought the original version this spring and was wondering if the new upgrades were going to be substantially different.

  2. Thanks for the review. I have been waiting for the winter club champion fitting sale for new irons and wedges. The p790s were one set I wanted to hit. Maybe if that’s what I get fit into i’ll just have them get the ’17 and save a couple bucks for balls :p

  3. Gravy Davy Green

    I hit these and the M5 irons. Both great clubs. Ended up buying the M5s. Better spin rates for my swing. There really is something to the SpeedBridge.

  4. Hi Matt, great review as always. I tend to hit my current irons (PTx) all over the grooves and am looking for something with a larger sweet spot. How would you rank the sweet spot area from largest to smallest on the P790, CF19, 919F and HF2’s? I would add the 0311P to this mix but your review said it’s sweet spot was small so it’s not on my “try” list. Is there another iron in the “players cavity” category that you would recommend to add to this list?

    • Matt Saternus


      With a clear understanding that I have no head to head testing and I’m going based on memory, I would rate the P790 as the most forgiving, then CF19, HF2, then 919F.


  5. Greg Pearce

    Good review Matt thanks. How would you compare to Callaway Apex 19’s?

  6. Andrew Quinton

    Great review

  7. Hi Matt. If you were building an 8 club set (4-GW) for free but your only choices are P790 or PXG 0211. Which is it? Gimmie some truth.

    • Matt Saternus


      I’d go with the 0211. I don’t want or need lower spin with my irons, and the 0211 is every bit as good in terms of ball speed and forgiveness.



  8. Hi Matt: As a 70+ golfer with a 12 hcp and senior shafts, I’ve hit and am still interested in both the TM P790’s and Titleist T300’s. Will test next week but which iron would you consider to be longer and which iron to be more forgiving? Appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    • Matt Saternus


      I haven’t tested them head to head, so I’m only spitballing here. For me, because the 790 is so low spin, I think the T300 would actually be longer and have better distance gaps. Forgiveness I think is pretty close between the two.



  9. Matt Gwiazda

    Hello Matt, Great review. I’m trading in my Callaway Rogues for the 2019 P790’s 4 through AW. I’m about a 6 hdcp and usually shot low 80’s. Would these be a good choice for me? Looking to get to the next level.

    • Matt Saternus


      Have you tested your Rogues head to head with the P790s? I think the P790 is a fine choice, but there’s no objective reason why it’s a better iron than the P790.



  10. Daniel Scott

    beautiful #SecretGiveaway4

  11. Hi Matt
    I am looking to replace my Callaway Rouge Pro irons (steel stiff)
    Looking for more forgiveness
    Would these be a solution ?
    If not any suggestions for forgiving irons without huge off sets


    • Matt Saternus


      These are fine irons, but they’re extremely low spin which won’t work for some players. Other forgiving players irons off the top of my head would be the PING i210, Callaway Apex, or PXG 0311 P.



  12. Jan De Wet

    Hi Matt

    Which handicap range are these irons actually intended for? I consistently shoot between 85 and 90 and would prefer more forgiving irons to be honest… Choosing between these and Callaway Apex irons. Currently playing with XR Steelhead irons

    • Matt Saternus


      The P790 would offer plenty of forgiveness for a player who shoots below 90. The big concern is the low spin. If I were making a blanket recommendation, I think most players would be better off with the Apex. That said, getting fit and trying both is always the best option.


  13. Hi Matt,

    I’m a 15 handicap, typical scores in mid 80 to low 90’s. I play 2-3 times a month, consistent high ball flight, gig distance control. I have old Callaway X-22 irons. Do you think upgrading to the P790 would benefit my game? I’m not intimidated by a smaller face (not oversized)



    • Matt Saternus


      The only way to know for sure is to be fit. The P790 will likely be longer, but whether or not they can hold or green is a separate issue. Same to the issue of whether or not the extra distance will mean lower scores.



  14. Corey Roberts

    Hi Matt,
    I recently just purchased the P790, awaiting for the arrival. I tested them about 2 weeks ago & they felt good, saw more distance & forgiveness in them. I’m trading in my Ping G30’s for them. I’m a 4 handicap. it seems to be a good fit for me. No other irons I tested had the same feel nor the distance’s. I look forward to hitting them. Any suggestions or tips on the P790 that I may be missing?

  15. Rob Podvia

    Hey Matt,

    Considering buying the P790″s , but your review has me hesitating a little. I have always played Taylor Made, and would consider myself a 8-10 handicap. I tend to draw the ball a great deal, but have learned to play and accept that I have difficulty hitting a straight iron. Not a long hitter at all. Would you suggest these or another iron for me?

    all the best,


    • Matt Saternus


      I would suggest that you try them with a fitter so you can determine whether or not the low spin on these irons will hurt your ability to hold greens.



  16. I’m a 12 handicap. Had Titleist AP3. Purchased the P790 but I feel I’m hitting everything thin. Did I move in to the wrong club? I want to stay with Tayler Made. I was wondering how the Sim Irons compared with the P790.

  17. Hi Matt,

    I’m a relatively new golfer (addicted to the game for about 8 months now) and am now consistently hitting mid 90s. I hope to continue improving and buy some new irons that I can use for years to come. Would you recommend the p790’s as a good option for me as someone who is still a high handicapper? Or would I be better off starting with a set closer to the super game improvement category?


    • Matt Saternus


      I would only recommend the P790 to someone if I knew that they were high spin and could still hold greens with these clubs. As far as forgiveness, I think they’d be alright. If you’re in the mid-90’s, anything in the GI or SGI category should be fine.


  18. Hi Matt, I was just wondering if the P790 are good forgiveness irons? My handicap is 16 but now playing to about 14. I’m still using the taylormade rocketbladez 2012-13 but quite old irons now. I’ve hit them before the P790 but a long time ago. So just wondering what you think really, the best handicap to get them? Cheers Jonny

    • Matt Saternus


      There is plenty of forgiveness in the P790, but, as I said in the review, my concern is the low spin. This is not an iron I would recommend to anyone without a good fitting.


  19. Hi, I was wondering what would be more forgiveness to hit the P790 iron or the Callaway apex? I no you should get fitted and everything but what would you think?



  20. That’s great thank you Matt

  21. Dane McNamara

    Matt, Good review, and I totally agree with you on spin. For me, long time 6 handicap, these just don’t spin enough. If someone is looking for good feel, very good spin numbers and moderate forgiveness i would highly recommend the Ping I210 with power spec lofts. They will still spin just fine, feel better (to me) and are @ $400 less. This is a very underrated iron set!.

  22. I currently game the 714 Ap1 and have tried the p790 before I tend to my irons high overall. I am 22 handicap and wa thinking of changing I only play 20 times a year like the old clash song should I stay or should. I go. The 714 have been great to me for most part thoughts

  23. How would you compare the Mizuno JPX 919 “Hot Metal” to the TM P790 Tungsten? I am a 12 handicap and never really got into the whole technical stuff of golf clubs. That said, My friend wants to sell me his set of TM P790 G thru 5 iron plus a 3 & 4 SIM Hybrids for $600. Seems like a good deal but will i be able to hit the darn forged irons??? I currently have the Mizunos JPX 919 Sand thru 4 iron that I purchased for $1100 and could probably sell for $750 so I see it as a wash but have yet to hit the TM’s. Any feedback on this?

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no way I’d do anything without hitting those P790s first. Take both sets to the range, hit them side by side, and see if there’s any reason to switch.



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