2019 2UNDR Apparel Review

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The latest collection from 2UNDR shows that the company can do more than make great underwear.  Tops, bottoms, and more.  Insane comfort across the board through great design and high quality materials.

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In 2016, I was first introduced to 2UNDR underwear.  “Life changing” may be a little too strong but not much.  It’s now the only underwear I will wear.

Since then, the company has grown substantially.  Their range now includes shirts, pants, hats, socks, and a wider array of underwear.

This review will focus more on the new stuff.  If you want the full story on the undies, find it HERE.


There are two style stories here: one for the outerwear, one for the underwear.

2UNDR’s new outerwear tends to keep things basic.  The t-shirts, pullovers, and pants all stick to tried and true solids: navy, charcoal, grey, and black.  This makes sense because these pieces are the building blocks of your wardrobe, and they should look good with everything.  Plus, these are the colors that most guys actually wear on a day in, day out basis.

When you get into the underwear, 2UNDR is more than willing to get wild.  They’re constantly rolling out new patterns like the Tiki (the green waistband, seen below), Sharks, Tie Dye, and, Camo.  You can also support your favorite team with their NCAA Collection.  If you prefer to keep your underwear low key, there are plenty of solids, too.


In much the same way that the Joey Pouch made me wonder why I’d ever worn any other drawers, the insanely soft cotton used in 2UNDR’s t-shirts had me marching my old undershirts to the garbage.  These t-shirts feel amazing.  Everyone who’s touched them notices immediately.  And it holds up in the wash, too.  Even after a couple cycles, they’re every bit as soft.

2UNDR lounge wear is the kind of stuff you want to live in.  The cuts are spot on – enough room to move but not sloppy looking.  You could easily run an errand in this gear and not feel self conscious.  My favorite pieces are the lounge pants and the hooded T.  In the month that I’ve had them, they’ve been in the washer or on my body nearly all the time.

Finally, if you haven’t gotten the picture yet, the underwear is out of this world.  It’s essential.  Full review on the underwear is HERE.


Whether you’re heading to the course, the gym, or out on the town, 2UNDR apparel performs.

All of the outerwear reviewed here combines excellent stretch with a cut that allows you to move.  None of it is explicitly golf or gym wear, but I enjoyed wearing it to hit the range and the weights.

The wide range of 2UNDR underwear lets you pick the perfect pair for every activity.  Going hard in the gym?  Slide into the Gear Shift or Power Shift.  The new Long John is perfect for cold weather activities.  The Swing Shift or Day Shift are your everyday pair.  Finally, “for those sultry nights when expectations run high” (sorry, I can’t improve on that), 2UNDR has the new Night Shift.


2UNDR has already taken over my underwear drawer.  Soon, it may take over everything else.  After adding the most comfortable t-shirt I’ve ever worn and outstanding lounge wear, I’m excited to see what 2UNDR does next.

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Matt Saternus

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