2016 Sun Mountain Front 9 Golf Bag Review


50 Words or Less

The Sun Mountain Front 9 golf bag is a compact design stand bag with adequate storage.  A well-rounded design for the golfer that prefers to walk their rounds.



I love the Sun Mountain Three5 bag, but let’s be honest, it would be nice to have a smaller bag when you’re walking 18 holes.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I can walk 18 with the Three 5 just fine, but if I were walking every round, I would definitely look for something on the smaller side.  The problem is, I really like the storage and functionality of my Three5.  Well, allow me to introduce you to the Sun Mountain Front 9 golf bag.  I was looking for something along the lines of a Sunday bag but with a stand and more storage, so the Front 9 seemed like an option worth exploring with its compact design and lighter weight.



The Sun Mountain Front 9 has just enough style to have some cool factor but it keeps the sleek Sun Mountain look.  There are nine different color combinations for the Front 9 – a nice variety for a single bag model.  If white, black, and lime colors like my bag aren’t quite your speed, you’ll be able to choose from some more modest looks like black, navy, gunmetal, and red.



No surprises here, the Sun Mountain Front 9 has the same high standard in quality that golfers everywhere have come to expect from Sun Mountain’s golf bags.  The stand is very sturdy and the bag itself is solid.  The Front 9 certainly did not sacrifice structural integrity by squeezing down into its smaller design.  The materials and hardware will hold up, and the three club dividers are full length to minimize club tangle.


Design & Performance

I would argue that the Sun Mountain Front 9 is designed to be the exact midpoint between the 2Five and the Three 5 stand bags.  It’s certainly not a Sunday bag, but is far from being the same as the Three 5 in terms of size and “substantiality” (yes, I made that word up).  What you get out of the Front 9 is enough size to comfortably fit fourteen clubs, enough storage to carry the essentials plus a little bit extra in order to be flexible for different conditions all while still staying comfortable enough to walk and carry regularly.  The X-Strap Dual Strap System is minimal compared to the current E-Z Fit straps, but is still plenty comfortable, distributes the bag weight, and maintains a comfortable center of gravity.  The X-Strap also works well as a single strap when necessary.



I initially employed the Sun Mountain Front 9 as an alternative to my trusty Three 5 stand bag, but as time has passed, I find myself using the Front 9 more and more regularly.  It’s been great for throwing seven clubs and a handful of balls in to run to the course to practice, but its comfort and smaller size have proven great for last minute decisions to walk a few holes instead.  If you’re looking for an all around lightweight stand bag that can properly stand as a full time bag, the Front 9 is definitely worth taking for a spin.

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