2016 Holiday Gift Guide: $50-$150


Earlier this week, we highlighted some great, budget-friendly gifts.  Today, we bring you a list of gifts for the golfers who are slotted for a bigger piece of your holiday budget.

Club Champion Irons Wall

Club Champion Club Fitting

If your favorite golfer wants to hit longer, straighter shots and shoot better scores (hint: they do), nothing will give them the immediate results like a professional fitting with Club Champion.  For the holiday season, full bag fittings are 50% off and all other fittings are 33% off.

Schedule a fitting HERE


Antigua Golf Apparel

Outfitting your favorite golfer in fashionable, functional clothing doesn’t have to break the bank.  Antigua offers a wide array of products and styles to suit every climate and every golfer.  The Arctic Pullover from their latest outerwear collection will be a particularly big hit among those in snowier areas.

Full review HERE

Buy Antigua Golf Apparel HERE


Iliac Alignment Stick Covers

Protect your woods and look like a touring pro with Alignment Stick Covers from Iliac Golf by Bert Lamar.  Constructed of luxurious leathers in a wide range of colors and textures.  So exclusive, you can’t get them any place else.

Buy Iliac Alignment Stick Covers HERE


Callaway Outlast Pullover

Outlast is literally a space-age material designed to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm.  This makes it the perfect fabric for a pullover because you won’t need to take it on and off during your round.

Full review HERE

Buy Callaway Golf Apparel HERE


Bluegrass Fairway Scorecard Cover

It isn’t often that a product elicits an audible “Oh wow!” from me, but that’s exactly what I said when I laid my hands on these scorecard covers for the first time.  These handmade beauties are made of soft, supple leather, and no two are exactly the same.  Custom options range from initials inside the cover to logos on the front.

If scorecard covers aren’t your style, Bluegrass Fairways also offers handmade valuable pouches and headcovers.

Buy Bluegrass Fairway Scorecard Covers HERE


Iliac Golf Shirts

For unique, modern style and great performance, check out the golf shifts from Iliac Golf by Bert Lamar.  These were first reviewed by Matt Meeker and have since become a favorite of the entire staff.

Full review HERE

Buy Iliac Golf Shirts HERE

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  1. Looking for a Hirzl trust control golf glove, large, for men. I have looked everywhere and can’t find one. My husband and I both have Hirzl gloves that we bought from a golf show. Any ideas? I found another Women’s on Amazon. Thank you.

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