2016 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide



2016 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

“Think about everything a real daddy does: pay the bills, buy the food, put a roof over your head.  Everything you could ask for.  Make your world a better, safer place.  And what does Daddy get for all his work?  The big piece of chicken.”  -Chris Rock

That line may come from a comedian, but if you are lucky enough to have a real dad, you know it’s the truth.  This year, make sure Dad gets more than the big piece of chicken.  Make the day truly memorable with one of these great golf gifts.

Whether Dad is a bold dresser or the conservative type, you can find a 59 Belts buckle that will fit his personality and kick his style up a notch.  Get the belt customized for that personal touch.

Kentwool Socks_0101

Kentwool Socks

Dads are practical people, so get him something that he needs every day: socks.  But don’t get him just any socks, get him the best socks in the world, Kentwool.

Vyper Roller_0074

Vyper Roller

You dad works hard.  Help him take care of his aches and pains with a VYPER Roller by HyperIce.  This foam roller adds vibration to help warm up and soothe muscles so Dad will never miss another tee time.

Club Champion Irons Wall

Club Champion Club Fitting

Don’t buy Dad an off the rack driver.  Don’t give him a gift card to buy another putter.  Get Dad a fitting at one of Club Champion’s 15 locations so that his new clubs will help him perform to his fullest potential.



We haven’t had a chance to publish our review of 2UNDR yet (every time I sit down to write it, I run out of superlatives), but take my word for it, if you want Dad to say, “This is the best Father’s Day Gift you’ve ever given me!” get him some 2UNDR.  2UNDR is to men’s underwear what Kentwool is to socks: the very best in the game.

Holderness & Bourne 9

Holderness & Bourne Golf Apparel

If you’re going to get Dad a new golf shirt, make it a good one.  Holderness and Bourne shirts are extremely high quality, made in the USA, and will make any Dad look like a pro on the course or off.

Arccos Driver _0029

Arccos Driver

If Dad is into technology, he’s going to love Arccos Driver.  Get one for yourself, too, and you can compete to see who’s hitting longer drives and more fairways.

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  1. Katie Dillman

    That Club Champion Club Fitting looks really cool. Hadn’t heard of that before and there is one is STL. Thanks for the tip!

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