59 Belts Custom Belt Buckle Review

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59 Belts offers the most distinctive buckles in golf along with limitless custom options and tremendous customer service.


Let’s get in the way-back machine and travel to 2008.  Anthony Kim was the PGA Tour’s breakout star, the US actually won the Ryder Cup, and belt buckles were the biggest trend in golf fashion.  Overnight, dozens of companies sprang up trying to sell golfers their “cool” “unique” buckles.

Fast forward to 2016 and you’ll notice that very few of those companies are still around.  One that remains is 59 Belts.  Why?  I’ll explain.

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“59 Life” & The Brand

The problem with most of the flash-in-the-pan buckle companies – aside from uninspired products – was that they weren’t genuinely golf companies.  That may seem unimportant, but it’s not.  A golf company that’s run by real golfers, people with a passion for the game, is unmistakable, and 59 Belts is that kind of company.

You can see the authenticity of their commitment to golf in everything they do, from their support of junior golf to the designs of their shirts and accessories.  Seriously, could anyone but a golfer design shirts like this (I’m particularly partial to all of the A.Y.F.K.M. gear)?

Finally, you can see 59 Belts frequently interacting with golfers through their hashtags #59Life, #59Crew, and #LiveItLoveItEarnIt.  This speaks not only to the company’s enthusiasm for interacting with their fans, but also their fans’ excitement about the products.

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Buckles and Customization

59 Belts makes two primary lines of buckles: the Grinder Series, made of stainless steel, and the Player Series, milled from aluminum.  There’s a difference in cost (and weight), but you can custom design on either one (aluminum does allow for more colorful finishes, however).  If you want to really go all out, you can get into 59’s Exotic line which uses materials like damascus steel, copper, and even 24k gold!

When it comes to custom options, the sky is the limit.  For me, the process was as easy as sending the PluggedInGolf logo to 59 Belts and waiting for a proof of the design.  I made a couple small tweaks, approved the second design, and a few days later, the buckle was on my door step.  You can get a quote for your design HERE.

One other unique element of 59 Belts is their proprietary strap system.  Using a 59 Belts strap and buckle creates a very clean look without excess strap hanging past the buckle.  However, if you have a collection of straps that you already like, 59 now offers buckles to fit traditional straps.

Here are a couple other helpful links to get the wheels turning: Galleries and 59 FAQ.

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Prices for 59 Belts vary widely depending on the materials, design, etc, but you can expect to spend from $75 to $200 for a buckle with custom initials.  Elaborate custom designs can be more.

For me, 59 Belts is a great value.  The gear is high quality and unique, and it comes from a true golf-centric company.  For custom buckles, there is no company I would rather use.

Everything from 59 Belts, from the buckles to the straps to the carrying bags, is made in the USA.

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My custom 59 Belts buckle has become my go-to any time that I head to the course.  I love the quality, the look, and the fact that no one else has one quite like mine.  Whether you want to represent something personal or 59’s trademark style, you won’t be disappointed.

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