Xenon CNC kUrve Putter Review

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CNC milled, hand finished.  Super customized.  Wide range of options.  Great performance.
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Ken Uselton, creator of Xenon Golf, has been making quite a name for himself with his wide range of custom 1/1 putters.  Due to Xenon’s rapidly increasing popularity, they have decided to offer a more affordable option to give you a unique 1/1 putter right out of your dreams with the same quality of the high end handmade Xenon putters.
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The distinguishing characteristics of the kUrve are the curved topline, rounded toe and heel, and shorter head when measured from heel to toe (it’s actually the exact width of a golf hole).

The specifics of this kUrve putter were generally all hand selected by me from the flange line alignment aid, the blue torch finish, the bright paint fill, the deep milled face, the welded stainless steel plow neck, softened edges, and some of the stamping.  All of these requests, mixed with Lumps personal touches, make this one of the most customized “production” CNC putters you’re ever going to see.  The highlight of this putter is the hand stamped guitar player in the cavity.  It’s not the first time a guitar player has popped up on one of Lump’s putters, but Lump added this personal touch knowing that I’m an avid guitar player from some of our casual “outside of golf” conversations.  It’s a very impressive individual touch on a great looking putter.
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Sound & Feel

This Xenon kUrve putter is made out of 1018 Carbon steel which ultimately results in a very soft muted sound at impact.  I think the way I would best describe the tone of this putter is “thick.”  I’m sure there are some out there that know exactly what I mean by that, but for those that don’t, I’m trying to say it’s a very soft and solid sound and less of an actual “click” or “ping.”

The deep milled face, along with the carbon steel, make for an extremely soft and delicate feel.  I was able to feel exactly where I was hitting the ball on the face which helped me dial my stroke in with the new putter.  As is often the case with high end carbon steel milled putters, off-center hits did not feel as great, but it’s genuinely hard to miss the sweet spot with this putter.
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When I first opened the box with this Xenon kUrve putter in it, I wasn’t sure how well we were going to get along.  So many things about this putter were different from anything I usually play.  Thankfully I was able to cast those thoughts aside and let myself experience the joys of rolling this putter.  As mentioned above, you definitely want to find the sweet spot with the kUrve putter.  With the combination of the smaller head and the precise balance, it’s very easy to the get the putter set on a good path and find the sweet spot of the putter repeatedly.  As such, you find yourself achieving beautiful rolls while maintaining a great ability to control distances no matter how short or long the putt is.
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If you’re looking for a high-end customized putter but don’t have $700+ to spend on it, then no look further than the custom CNC offerings from Xenon Golf.  Every putter passes through Ken Uselton’s hands, giving each one a true 1/1 feel.  On top of the amazing appearance, these putters perform and more than compete with any other big name putter you’ll find at your local golf shop.

Price & Specs

Pricing starts at $259 with additional fees for certain customizations.  To obtain an order form or find out about pricing, you can contact Lump at xenongolf@comcast.net or Lee Johnston at leecjohnston@yahoo.com.

All putters are made to order.

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  1. Fantastic pics of that putter. There is nothing inanimate about a Xenon putter. Lumpy is the Geppetto!

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