Wilson Staff Nexus 2 Carry Bag Review

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The Wilson Staff Nexus 2 Carry Bag is a solid update of what was already one of the best stand bags in golf.


Two years ago, Wilson Staff introduced the Nexus stand bag, one of the first truly innovative stand bags in a long time.  The new Wilson Staff Nexus 2 Carry Bag carries forward the most important part of the original – the frame that ties the bag together – while sneaking in some subtle but noticeable upgrades.

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The Wilson Staff Nexus 2 Carry Bag achieves the same balanced look that the original did.  The branding isn’t overdone, and the colors walk the line between flashy and dull.  The Nexus 2 carry bag is available in six colorways: black/citron (pictured), black/orange, black/silver, grey/red, navy/white, and red/white.

One way in which Wilson Staff upped this bag’s aesthetics is in the texture of the material.  Though this colorway is labeled “black,” the bag isn’t a uniform, basic black nylon.  There are parts where it’s plain black, but other large areas where it’s more of a charcoal grey with a denim-like texture.  This subtle upgrade helps it to stand apart from many other bags.

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Just as with the original, the components of the Nexus 2 Carry Bag are of very high quality.  Two things I particularly like are the molded handles on the top and spine of the bag.  They’re connected to the bag’s frame, so when you grab them, you have a solid hold of the entire bag without any of the wiggling and wobbling you get from cheap handles.

Like the handles, the zippers and straps are thick and sturdy and will last for multiple seasons.  They have the same weight and feel of the components on my original Nexus which stood up admirably to two years of abuse on the course, in cars, and on planes.

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Design & Performance

The thing that made the original Nexus stand apart from other carry bags – the sturdy frame connecting the top, base, and legs – is still present in the Nexus 2 Carry Bag, and it works just as well.  The frame does two important things: it gives the bag structure and rigidity in any position, and it keeps the base fully connected to the ground when the legs are deployed.  Anyone who has watched their bag fall over due to wind or slope knows how important this is.

While the bag’s frame is still the headline feature, the Nexus 2 packs some other upgrades over the original.  First, the pockets have been reconfigured.  It’s not a major change – the original was quite good – but it does add storage capacity on the front and side of the bag.  Second, the hip padding is now designed to create more air flow which will keep you cooler when hauling your bag on a hot day.  Finally, though the top of the bag is essentially the same, the Nexus 2 has three full length dividers, one more than the original.

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When a bag is as good and innovative as the original Nexus, following it up can be tough.  The Wilson Staff Nexus 2 Carry Bag is a perfect upgrade because it keeps the key facets of the original while gently improving on the other elements.  If you need a new bag for 2016, the Nexus 2 should be high on your list.

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