Wilson Staff Model Golf Ball Review

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The Wilson Staff Model golf balls is the equal of any Tour ball on the market.  Excellent spin in the short game.

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If you want to build something to last, you build it slowly, brick by brick, just like the smartest of the three little pigs.  This is the approach that Wilson is taking in bringing back the Staff branding.  They started with a flourish – the gorgeous Staff Model Blades [review HERE].  Then they added the Staff Model Utility Iron [review HERE] and Staff Model Wedge [review HERE].

Each piece of gear bearing the Staff moniker has been of the utmost quality and designed for the better player.  But no one really doubted that Wilson could do irons and wedges.  The biggest gamble of the new Staff Model Era comes now with the Staff Model golf ball.  Will this offering continue to build the brand or start to blow it down?


From the driver through the putter, the Wilson Staff Model golf ball keeps things right in the middle of the bell curve in terms of feel.  On the green, you’ll hear a dull click that’s neither buttery soft nor overly firm.  On the tee, the ball doesn’t melt into the face like Wilson’s DUO but it doesn’t feel like you need a sledge hammer to compress it either.

The benefits of not going extreme with feel are twofold.  For Wilson, it means no one is going to be turned off by the Staff Model.  For the golfer, it puts the focus on playing the game, not thinking about the ball and how it might react.

Short Game

Most of my golf ball testing is done on a launch monitor where I can tease apart the minute differences between models.  While I’ve done that with the Wilson Staff Model golf ball, I’ve also gotten an above average amount of on-course time with it.  Both forms of testing have left me impressed.

During my first round with the Staff Model, I noticed short irons and wedges backing up more than normal.  Generally my scoring irons end up where they land.  With the Staff Model, a well struck 8I might back up a yard or two.  My sense that the Staff Model is slightly higher spin was confirmed on the launch monitor.  Peak spin with a wedge was above average for a Tour ball, and the spin generation was very consistent, even on less-than-perfect strikes.  Iron spin was also slightly above average.

Long Game

The driver spin is just north of average for a Tour ball, but that’s provided me with some extra carry distance and better consistency.  Ball speed is also excellent.

Where I’ve been most pleased with the Staff Model is on long approaches.  The combination of slightly higher spin and strong ball speed has resulted in longer, higher long iron shots and more eagle putts.  Any ball that puts me in position to make more eagles is going to see more time in the bag.


For the golfer who is looking for more spin throughout the bag and a soft, solid feel, the Wilson Staff Model Golf Ball is worth considering.  This ball absolutely deserves to bear the Staff moniker as a quality, Tour-level product.  I’ve been very happy having it in my bag for the last couple weeks and look forward to continuing to game it.

Matt Saternus


  1. Any indication it will come in bright yellow? All the Wilson tour balls have been excellent but yellow is just easier to see with sunglasses on.

    • Matt Saternus

      I haven’t heard anything about that yet, but I imagine it could be in the works if the ball is successful.



  2. N. Buratti

    Are these available to purchase? I haven’t seen them anywhere.

    • Matt Saternus

      At a minimum, they’re available through Wilson’s website. I haven’t been in a golf store in a few months, so I can’t speak to the retail side.



  3. Bill Givens

    The balls are $49.95 on Wilson’s web site. I don’t know how many people will pay more than a ProV1 for a new ball

  4. You mention data, but don’t show any. Why?

    • Matt Saternus


      There are a number of reasons, but primarily it’s this:
      Putting up a wall of numbers may look impressive to some but it provides no value to the reader. As far as actually helping people to make an equipment choice, the value is in simply stating, “This ball is high/low/average spin.” As an analogy: I know nothing about car engines. I would vastly prefer that someone tell me, “This is a fast/efficient/strong motor” versus posting a bunch of numbers that may or may not have any context or meaning to me.



      • As the reader, I think it adds value because some of the info is super interesting.

        For instance the soft ball that spins more than most tour balls on full swings as you mentioned, even on miss hits would be out of this world.

        Those things don’t really come to fruition too often as the core level compression is responsible for various amounts of spin by the golfer. Therefore when an authority reviews it and finds that, as well as says data was captured, golfers like me would like to peruse to understand what is going on.

  5. Hi Matt , what is recommended swing speed for this ball.

    • Matt Saternus


      There’s no recommended speed from Wilson, but I would *guess* that players slower than 95 MPH get more ball speed out of something else.



  6. Joe Don George

    Havent seen them anywhere. I just purchased D7 irons and i see an improvement in control,i think for the price i will stay with pro v balls

  7. Joseph Bottari

    Would you at sometime critique the Top flight ball I’ve been playing this ball for a while it seems distance wise it goes further than any other and I do get control on the short irons would love to see you take a crack at this ball

  8. Great review. I’m currently gaming the Duo Pro as I found the performance to be as good as anything I’ve played. Besides a firmer feel, have you found this ball to play differently from the Duo Pro?

    • Matt Saternus


      For me, the spin with the irons and wedges is noticeably higher with the Staff Model.



  9. Gary Stacey

    I play short par 3 or 4 holes and put a premium on backspin when shooting for the green with my two gap wedges or pitching wedge. The golf ball may be my best choice, I will try a sleeve.

  10. Wondering why they are not avalable in the great white north(Canada). Web site is US only. Would love to get my hands on some. Playing the FG Tour for years.

  11. I’m a big proponent of wilson golf balls. The professional is a great ball,the model is good.ive tried the model R and I’m not a fan.it discolors easily,and you can actually see the seam where it is put together.a waste of 44.00.but I do like the other 2 balls I mentioned.

  12. I’ve been a believer of the FG ball for years. Never understood why Wilson never advertise it. How does this ball compare to the FG? What’s the compression? I read where you said under 95 mph swing speed. Sounds like around 65-75 compression.

  13. Hey Matt,

    Curious if these managed to stick in your bag? From consistently reading your reviews I noticed we share a lot of commonalities in what we look for in the bag. Very much a picker over here, struggle with getting optimal launch and spin in the FW/ hybrid part of my bag. Am not able to buy a sleeve of these anywhere near me but will pick up a box to try them head to head against the prov1x if you think it could help me add a little launch and spin with the 4W and improve it’s angle of descent? If you have any other higher compression ball recommendations that I should look at as well I’m all ears! Still planning to look into the Chrome soft X and chrome soft X LS as well. Tour BX has been a favourite of mine in the past though find it’s a little too low spin for me these days

    Keep up the reviews and awesome work! Always eager for you to review FW, hybrids and utility irons

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you.
      If you want more spin, I think these are definitely worth a try. I’ve played some with these, but they’re not my go to as I prefer being lower spin, even with some of the negatives associated with that.



  14. Garry colledge

    I picked up a dozen of Wilson boost golf balls out of curiosity’ . This ball s fantastic . It goes straight it stops well on greens and is long off tee . People are missing out if they don’t try these . I bought an extra dozen to put away until I need some more . Don’t think I am a bad player . I play. To a five handicap . Try them and you won’t regret it

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