Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Ball Review

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The lowest compression tour ball on the market.  Soft feel with strong performance in every facet of the game.


I make little secret of my disdain for the Golf Digest Hot List, but they do occasionally get things right.  One example of this is that they awarded a gold to the latest incarnation of the Wilson Staff FG Tour golf ball.

Though Wilson Staff has flown under the radar in terms of tour level golf balls, they’ve been making some of the best for the last few years.  This latest version continues in that tradition, minus the “under the radar” part.

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With a compression rating of only 70, the Wilson Staff FG Tour ball is one of the softest tour balls that you’ll ever feel.  This is particularly noticeable in the long game, where the ball has more of that “compress and explode” feel than other tour balls.  With the putter,  the FG Tour is still very soft, but it avoids the pitfall of being a marshmallow on longer putts.  Short putts have just a soft “thud,” but longer putts have a slightly firmer click that I found helpful for distance control.

Long Game

With its lower compression, I expected that the FG Tour would be a higher spinning golf ball in the long game, but I was proven incorrect.  Off the driver, the spin rates place it right in the middle of the pack for tour balls and the ball speed is very good.

The most noticeable characteristic on the course was that the ball played very well in the wind.  We’re having a fairly windy spring here in Chicago, but I didn’t need to give the wind any extra consideration with this ball.  The FG Tour held its lines well and flew on a strong trajectory into the breeze.

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Short Game

The Wilson Staff FG Tour is equally impressive in the short game.  As I mentioned, the feel of this ball is very helpful in terms of gauging distance on longer putts – it’s just firm enough that you don’t feel like you need to slam it to get it to the hole.

Around the green, the FG Tour provides plenty of spin.  Launch monitor testing confirmed my on-course impression that this ball is slightly above average for a tour ball when it comes to spin on full and half wedge shots.

Who This Ball is For

Good players who want a tour-level ball with softer feel.

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If you want all the best attributes of a tour level ball, but don’t feel compelled to play the same ball that everyone else does, I’d recommend giving the Wilson Staff FG Tour serious consideration.  It delivers in all facets of the game and gives you some of the softest feel of any tour ball on the market.

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  1. Jim summers

    Agree!! Just shot my lowest score in a decade (74) w/ the FG Tour ball. Previous ball of choice Pro V.

  2. Jeffrey Ryan

    The FG tour ball rips through the wind and grabs the green like and old balata ball back in the day. Awesome ball.

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