Wilson Staff DUO Urethane Golf Ball Review

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The Wilson Staff Duo Urethane golf ball adds a urethane cover to the softest ball in golf.  Tremendous short game performance.


There are few golf balls with as rabid a following as the Wilson Staff Duo.  Players of all stripes love the uber-soft feel, strong performance, and the excellent value.  Last year, Wilson Staff added to the Duo family with the Duo Spin, and this year the line is being completed with the more premium Duo Urethane.

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The feel of the Duo is the primary reason why golfers love it, and the Duo Urethane will not disappoint Duo Nation.  Just like the other versions, the Duo Urethane feels like a tennis ball when you hit it with the driver – you feel the ball compress against the face and explodes down the fairway.

Where the Duo Urethane feels even softer than the other Duo balls is in the short game.  The Duo U is nearly silent off the putter, just a dull, soft “thud” at impact.  With the wedges it’s equally soft and almost feels sticky

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Short Game

Wilson Staff uses a three-tier system for players: D, C, and F.  The D player is the high handicapper, best suited for the standard Duo.  As I discussed in my review of the Duo Spin, the mid-handicap C player is that ball’s target – there’s more short game spin, but it’s still a bit short of a tour ball.

The Duo Urethane is designed for the skilled F player who is used to playing a tour ball.  In my testing, I found that the Duo U produced spin that is in the tour ball range, and on the course it performed exactly like I expect a tour ball to.

Long Game

On the course, the Duo Urethane performs just like a tour ball in the long game.  My yardages were exactly the same with the Duo U as they are with a Pro V1 and my shots looked and performed similarly in the air.  The big difference in the long game is the feel.  Hitting the Duo Urethane is simply more fun than hitting any other ball because of the feel of compressing the ball.

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At $38/dozen, the Wilson Staff Duo Urethane is the most expensive Duo, but its performance validates the price.  It maintains the classic Duo feel while boosting the short game spin to the level of $45+ tour balls.  If you love short game spin but want a softer feel, check out the Duo Urethane.

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Matt Saternus


  1. Russ Smiltnieks

    Well written and informative review on Wilson Duo balls. I just discovered your site and will be referring to it often. the I’m

  2. Great ball almost as good as wilsons fg tour ball for less Have been playing wilson balls since the tx 4 and beating players of the pro v for years.

  3. Edwin M Michnowicz

    I am kind of a golf ball nut and I agree with your review. I cannot claim that I have played and tested every golf ball. What I will say in confidence is that Wilson Staff has lead the field in low compression ball technology. If you feel you lose more distance and the gain in feel is not significant enough: then stay away (in my opinion) from any low compression ball. I love the feel, distance, and greenholding capabilities of the Wilson Staff Urethane. I will admit that some will find it perhaps too soft initially of the putter. But ultimately the golfer needs to decide what is best for their game.

  4. Hubert meagher

    Hi work in a golf shop and tested a lot of balls…duo-u and fg tour for me are thé best balls on the market right now!! Distance is amazing and the feel of the ball when you hit it and around the green, an for the price… bye bye provi and others!! Hubert

  5. The Wilson Staff Urethane is my favorite since the balata days. Off the face has a solid firm feel with the driver. Unlike ProV’s, Callaway, Bridgestone B330, etc., which feel more like rocks, the Wilson Urethane simply puts a smile on your face. Off the irons, feeling firm, not too soft nor hard, but just firm enough that you feel the ball making contact as if the ball and face are one. A perfect match. Putting, pitching and chipping is also where this ball shines. I will say this ball is the perfect blend of ball technology for softness ( Wilson’s 55 compression rating) and still as long as the ProV’s, etc..

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